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Edward McDermott (1865–1936) of Cloonybrennan, left the parish of Elphin to live with his new wife, Mary Anne Higgins on her family farm in Scregg, Drumlion (near Carrick-on-Shannon). Scregg (parish of Killukin) was somewhat like a tiny McDermott village in a cul-de-sac. Their neighbours were the “Red John’s” and “Peter Anthony’s” (all McDermott). How they may have been related to Edward is not clear (he is not recorded as a relative in their obituaries).  Drumlion church stood nearby, on a square with one shop (Duignan). 



On 11 February 1892, Edward and Mary Anne were married by Fr. Michael McLean CC in Drumlion church. Their witnesses were John McDermott & Lizzie Higgins (cousins).   They raised 5 children in a small, but well-kept thatch house. Godparents to their children included: Patrick, Margaret & John McDermott, Brigid, Elizabeth & Patrick Higgins (siblings) ; Charles & John Brennan (Mary Anne's cousins from Canbo), Elizabeth Gara & M Owens.

At the close of the 19th century, the Scregg farm transferred from Widow Higgins to her son-in-law, Edward McDermott.



In 1908,  Edward McDermott, Mary McDermott and John McDermott of Scregg (3 farms) were charged with “Failing within 14 days of the expiration of the prescribed dipping period 15-13 August,  to send a declaration that his sheep were dipped to the Sergeant of Police at Carrick on Shannon under the Sheep Dipping Order of 1907 and the Diseases of Animals Act 1894”. They were fined 1d plus 1/- costs each.



In 1911,  Pakie Joe McDermott, their eldest son, emigrated to New York (as a citizen of the United Kingdom) sponsored by his aunt, Ellen Higgins (aka Mrs Farrell Carney). His sisters, followed him out in 1925.



The North Roscommon Brigade of the Irish Republican Army was founded in 1914, and their sons John McDermott (1895-1934)  and Ferghus McDermott were volunteers in the Drumlion branch. Their youngest daughter, Ellen McDermott (1899-1984) was a member of Cumann na mBan.



In January 1919, Mary Anne (nee Higgins) McDermott contracted the Spanish Flu. Tragically, she didn’t recover and died within 2 months, age 57. She was nursed by her daughters, and must have been very well cared for to survive an illness that was killing others within weeks. Mary Anne passed away on 18 March, 1919 – the day after her youngest daughter's birthday.

On 8 January 1920, in the presence of her son-in-law, Edward McDermott, Eliza Higgins of Scregg (née Brennan of Canbo) passed away, age 82.



The farm of John Nolan, of Scregg, was cleared of its stock in the early hours of Friday morning, by a number of men. The herd, Edward McDermott, was met while going to another farm which he also superintends, and some of the drivers presented revolvers at him, and severely cautioned him. Police visited the district. The cattle were recovered at Ardcarne, near Boyle. Police protection is to be placed on the farm immediately.      



On 18 Jan 1934, Edward's son, John McDermott (1895-1934)  died at home in Scregg, age 39. He had been suffering from Pulmonary Tuberculosis for 12 months. He used to say he got sick from hiding in ditches for Michael Collins.  His sister, Nellie (Ellen) was present at his death. His estate (effects £2) was granted to his father, Edward.


In 1936, Edward McDermott died, and the Scregg farm passed to his youngest son, Ferghus McDermott (1897-1945).


Would love to hear from Edward McDermott's descendants (through Packie Joe) in the US.


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Mar 1864 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 1st Jan 1936 (circa)
Associated Building (s) Scregg townland St. Michael's Church, Drumlion Strokestown House  
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Julia McDermott
Father (First Name/s and Surname) John McDermott (son of Bryan McDermott) of Cloonybrennan VIEW SOURCE
Townland born Cloonybrennan ELPHIN
Names of Siblings Kate Donaghy of Cloonybrennan I Honoria Kennedy of Tanseyfield| Mary Jane McCormack of Carrowkeel | Margaret Hanly of Clooncullane. VIEW SOURCE
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Mary-Anne Higgins (1866-1919) eldest daughter of Eliza Brennan (1838–1920) and Patt Higgins (1839-1880) of farm #9 in Scregg.
Number of Children 5 (of 6)
Names of Children Patrick Joseph McDermott b.1892 NJ, USA| Mary Elizabeth McDermott b.1894 NYC, USA | John McDermott (1895-1934) bachelor | Ferghus McDermott (1897-1945) of SCREGG | Ellen Barrett (1900-1984) of BALLINVILLA
Names of Children Ellen (née McDermott) Barrett (1900-1984) of BALLINVILLA
Occupation Small farmer
Place of Death Scregg, Drumlion, Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Roscommon.
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