Place of migration
Migrated to /Born in Canada
Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1800 (circa) VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 26th May 1883 VIEW SOURCE
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Margaret Mulvany Mulvaney Mulvanney Mulvanee
Names of Children Bridget, Mary, John, Michael, Margaret, Elizabeth, James, Catherine, Ellen Margaret, George, Sarah Jane
Place of Death Buckingham, Quebec, Canada VIEW SOURCE
New Type Possible emigration 1825 -- Immigrated to Canada VIEW SOURCE
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  • 1819 aug 9 -- Kells -- Bridget Roe is baptised, child of Edward Roe and Margaret Mulvanny of the parish of Kells, Co Meath.  Sponsors are Thomas Smyth and Bridget Bennett.   also found at

    1820 -- according to canadian censuses and marriage records, there is a daughter, Mary Roe born about 1820 in Ireland. 

    1836 jun 20 -- Buckingham, QC, Canada -- We find Marie Roe, minor daughter of Edward Roe and Marguerite Mulvany of Buckingham getting married to Philip Gorman, major son of Patrice Gorman and deceased Helene McNulty of Ireland.

    1821 may ?? -- Kells -- ?? is baptized, child of Edward Roe and Margaret Mulvaney of the parish of Kells, Co Meath.  Sponsors are Michael Mulavaney and Catherine Farley.   I thought this must be Mary but according to this is John Roe's date of baptism.  He never shows up in any census or marriage records in Canada.

    1821 may 9 -- Kells -- John is baptised, child of Edward Roe and Margaret Mulvanney of the parish of Kells, Co Meath.   Sponsors are Michael Mulavaney and Catherine Farley.   If I never find a daughter named Mary for this couple, then maybe there was an error with rootsireland transcribing?  Maybe there never was a John Roe born to this couple? 

    1822 -- 1824 -- There is a gap here for maybe Mary Roe and/or a son named after Edward Roe as per the Irish family naming tradition?  

    1825 may 8 -- Knobber -- Michael Roe is baptised, child of Edwrd Roe and Peggy of Rath. Sponsors are John McMahon and Mary Mooney.  

    1826 -- 1830 -- There's another gap here.  Maybe Edward went looking to find a place to emigrate his family too?  Were there other children born and/or deceased? 

    1831 may -- a daughter, Elizabeth Rowe would have been born in Canada, followed by more: James 1834, Catherine 1837, Ellen Margaret 1839, George 1842 and Sarah Jane 1845

    1834  apr 10 -- a son, James 

    1837 jan 2 -- a daughter, Catherine

    1839 -nov 10 - a daughter, Ellen Margaret

    1842 feb 3 -- a son, George

    1845 jun 30 -- a daughter, Sarah Jane

    1851 -- census of Canada.  Haven't found Edward.  Could he possibly be in the USA?  Something to investigate.

    1856 May 10 -- Edward gets 100 acres of land near Buckingham, Ottawa, Canada

    1861 -- census of Canada.  We have Edward & Margaret living with children, Michael, James, George, Sarah and Ellen at Ottawa, Canada East

    1871 -- census of Canada.  We have Edward & Margaret living with James.  Next door, we have George with wife, Ann and son, John

    1881 -- census of Canada.  We have Edward & Margaret living with James, his wife, Catherine Swain.  They have children:  John, Edward, and Patrick James.  In the household, there's also a Catherine McGuire and Theresa McGuire.  the details are not legible online so went by the transcript. 

    1881 may 26 -- Edward is deceased and buried on the 28 of the month in the St Gregoire de Naziance cemetary at Buckingham, Quebec, Canada



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