Eliza Little,  nee Lally

Eliza Little, nee Lally 1797

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Eliza's story is written in "Thomas and Eliza Little - Irish Pioneers in India and Wester Austraila 1797 - 1877.

She was born in the Loughrea area in about May 1797.  She married her first cousin, Thomas Little.  With Thomas' brothers, Robert and William, and her brother, Michael, they joined the army of the Honourable East India Company and left Ireland for ever in 1823.  None of the brothers was to see his 30th birthday but Thomas and Eliza went on to mix in the highest levels of Bengal society.  In 1837 the Little family moved on to Western Australia where they succeeded in horse breeding and racing, wine production and other enterprises.  They were known for their support of the Irish poor, giving 100 acres of land to many Irish immigrants.  They supported orphan girls such as those from Mountbellew Workhouse.  One of their sons married an Irish girl who arrived in Australia on the Emma Eugenia.  They were instrumental in the establishment of the Catholic Church in Western Australia.

The book explains that Eliza was a fun and sociable lady.  It explains the vital part that Eliza played in their partnership and their philanthropy. 

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st May 1797
Date of Death 24th Nov 1866

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