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Ellen O'KEEFFE  was born about 14 Jul 1856 in Askeaton, Limerick, Ireland. She died1  on 03 Dec 1938 in Young NSW. She was buried on 04 Dec 1938 in Murringo NSW.


Ellen arrived in Australia on board the "Earl Dalhousie" 15 Feb 1876.

Following Irish naming pattern Ellen should have been named after father's mother but this would have had another Mary as eldest daughter is named after the mother's mother, also Mary.

Ellen was born in Limerick, Ireland, on the banks of the Shannon and migrated to Australia with her family on board the sailing ship "Earl Dalhousie" on 15th February 1876,  (Travelling on the same ship was young Jim McInerney, from County Clare - Incorrect family myth, James arrived in Sydney on 24 July 1875. Ellen and James must have known each other in Ireland as their older siblings married in Ireland in Feb 1875) and four months after arriving in Australia (he) James and Ellen were married at Morpeth by the late Rev. Father Corcoran.

Ellen O'Keefe McInerneyAfter marriage the town of Young became the destination of the couple and as the train journey finished at Gunning, for in those days the train went no further, a horse and dray was secured and the newly married couple set out for the Black Range.  They first selected a small property which they named " Belowra" but after a short residence there they left Belowra and moved closed to Murringo to "Mount View".  Gradually a home was built, but in 1901 the fruits of years were swept clean away in a disastrous bush fire.  Six weeks later Jim McInerney at the age of 47 years died as a result of appendicitis, the remedy for which was then not known - leaving his wife Ellen and ten young children. Ellen McInerney fought her way through her difficulties and reared her family.  The was no Government help in those days, but "Mothers" trust in God was well founded.

Ellen died aged 85 years at her Campbell Street residence on Saturday night after a short illness. 

Mass for the Repose of the Soul was said at St. Marys Church on Sunday morning, after which the body was conveyed to the St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church at Murringo.  The funeral took place after service at 3pm on Sunday.  Mourners from Murringo, Young and surrounding districts formed one of the largest corteges seen at Murringo for many years.  She is survived by a family of two sons and six daughters.  The sons are James (Young), Patrick (Murringo); daughters Ellen (Cass- Gilgandra), Mary (Dargan-Woollahra), Anne (Coombs- Bondi Beach), Margaret (Ryan- Young), Johannah, Sister Margaret Mary (Wellington New Zealand, and Eleanor McInerney (Young).  Two daughters, Catherine (O'Connor- Murringo) and Bridget (Quinnell- Adelong) are deceased.


With the passing of Mrs.Ellen McInerney, Young has lost one of brave women who took an active part in blazing the trail of the early settlements, and from whom sprang a race that is to-day building up a great nation, a race whose finest heritage is the spirit which animated the pioneers of the bush, enabling them to overcome all difficulties.

Extract from "Young Chronicle" Burrows News, Friday 21st July 1933

Mrs.Ellen McInerney, of Murringo, attained her 80th Birthday on Sunday (last week).  The event was celebrated by her children and grandchildren, at her residence. Practically all were present and she was given a right royal time. The general sentiment expressed was thus - "The world is full of mothers, of mothers good and true; but better than all others, the one I love just YOU.

Nothing delights the heart of Mrs.Mcinerney more than an occasion of this kind, when the family congregates to do honour to a mother who has proven her worth. They all remember the old days, when one or the other of the family required a new pair of boots, or a hat, or frock, when mother came to town. The business always went to Whiteman's. Yes mother only knew one store, no matter what the price, and that was Whiteman, our genial "G.S." who is still going strong.

THE EXCITEMENT  There was always an argument as to who was to go to town with mother and what preparation! The old spring cart was taken to the dam, and will watered to make sure the tyres would not come off on the journey, and then "Darky; we all knew "Darky", the horse, a descendant of the brumby named "Dollie". All the kids learned to ride on "Dollie" but "Darky" was the outlaw of "Dollie's" family.

When the morning came for the eventful trip to Young, it was nothing to see all the neighbours, all the household, and "Scot" the dog out to catch "Darky".  He was a real terror.  He had a chain on his leg, too, but "Darky" ignored the bashing of the chain and careered around the 53 acres in fine style ignoring all and sundry.   However, he was usually caught about 5 o'clock in the morning and then mother was two hours late and almost in tears.  There were the turkeys for some hotel to deliver and the wheat to get gristed at the mill and there were a pair of fowls for Sep Watt she promised to send in last week and then right at the finish, when "Darky" was harnessed to the old spring cart, it was found old "Daisy" wouldn't let one of the family milk her, so mother had to waste another quarted of an hour and do the job herself.

Nothing went right when mother was away,  The turkeys got boxed, with Ground's or O'Connor's and the only way out then was to leave them to roost the night together, when they would return to their respective destinations. But we must get back to "Darky".  He'd go well till he struck the Wambanumba Hill and then he would jib and rear up in the spring cart.  How well we all remember the occasion when "Darky" upset the whole of the produce destined for Young.  There was a general mix-up of turkeys, fowls, ducks, wheat and butter all scattered on the road in front of Morgan's Hotel.  Then "Darky" backed and the vehicle ran over the pair of turkeys sold to Dan Garry, of the Great Eastern Hotel, but Dan was a sport and accepted the explanation.

Then after all the shopping was finished, the boots for Pat, the hat with "H.M.A.S." on the front for Jim, the shoes for Lena and then the white frock for Josie, who had to take part in a concert in Murringo.  No Josie (Johannah now S.M.Mary of Wellington, N.Z.) was never forgotten.  Mother thought the world of her and she always got something better than the others.

About dusk all hands waited for the sounds of the squawking wheels of the old spring cart, with "Darky" and the 7lb tin of Milaquin's treacle, with the blackfellows photo on it and the sausages. There was always disappointment if Mother went to town on a Thursday because we couldn't eat the sausages on Friday.  Oh no! Mother saw to that and that particular night "Darky" had a right royal feed of bran and chaff. Mother was always forgiving.

NOTE: James and Ellen were the GGP of Peter Quinnell, their daughter, Bridget was his GM, who married John Quinnell.

Ellen married2  James MCINERNEY  son of Patrick MCINERNEY and Bridget O'DEA in 1876 in Morphet,  NSW. James was born about 1853 in County Clare, Ireland. He was christened in 1853 in St John Church, Cratloe, County Clare, Ireland. He died3  on 10 Feb 1901 in Murringo NSW. He was buried in Murringo, NSW.

Peter Quinnell's Great Grandfather Immigration: Arrived in Colony on the vessel SURREY (Surry) sailing from Plymouth and arriving in Sydney on 24 July 1875.

Ship’s Log Details as transcribed:

Name: James McInerny       Age: 25

Calling: Labourer                   

Native Place: County Clare,

Parents Names and if still alive: Bridget, Clare.

Religion: R.C.           

Read or Write: Both

Relative in Colony: Brother John, Corowa.

Deposit Journal Entry: Depositor for James was his brother, PATRICK McINERNEY who also sponsored MARGARET SULLIVAN (believed to be another sister of Patrick Snr.) at the same time.

James's brother, Thomas, married  Ellen's sister, Mary Ann O'Keeffe in Ireland before he migrated to NSW, in 1875. It was incorrectly stated in family lore that James & Ellen met on the ship going to Morphet in 1876. 

James McInerney and Ellen O'Keefe had the following children:

  1. Catherine MCINERNEY  was born on 31 Oct 1877. She died on 23 Aug 1913.

  2. Bridget MCINERNEY  was born on 19 Sep 1879. She died on 09 Feb 1936.

  3. Ellen MCINERNEY  was born on 07 Aug 1881. She died on 29 Jun 1954.

  4. Mary F MCINERNEY  was born on 19 Sep 1883. She died on 14 Feb 1959.

  5. Anne MCINERNEY  was born on 08 Jun 1885. She died on 20 Jan 1962.

  6. Margaret J MCINERNEY  was born on 07 May 1887. She died on 20 Oct 1960.

  7. Patrick MCINERNEY  was born4  on 16 Mar 1889 in Murringo, Young, NSW. He died on 31 Jul 1946 in Murringo, NSW. He was buried in Murringo.

  8. James MCINERNEY  was born on 27 Jan 1892. He died on 10 Jan 1952.

  9. Johannah MCINERNEY  was born5  on 14 Jan 1894 in Murringo, Young, NSW. She was christened on 04 Feb 1894 in Murringo, NSW. She died on 05 May 1970 in Wellington,NZ. She was buried in Karori, Wellington NZ. PROFESSION: Sister Margaret Mary of the Little Company of Mary, Christchurch New Zealand

  10. Eleanor (Lena) MCINERNEY  was born6  on 13 Mar 1897 in Murringo, Young, NSW. She died7  on 14 May 1963 in Sydney. She was buried in Murringo.

This Chronicle has been adapted from "Where Irish settled in Australia".

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Date of Birth 14th Jul 1856
Date of Death 3rd Dec 1938
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) James McInerney VIEW SOURCE


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