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Ellen O'Neill was born on 29 Dec 1856 , and baptized on 3 Jan 1857. Her parents were Charles O'Neill and Mary Neeson. She spent her childhood and life on a farm in Ahoghill, County Antrim, Ireland before she came over to America. She had a younger sister named Mary.

A young man named Hugh O'Neill and his brother, Henry Emmett, had lived in a town named Lisnahusin, near Ahoghill. They left Ireland in 1875 and came to the shores of America through Boston. Eventually, in 1883 they decided to settle on some ranch land near Florence, KS. No one knows if Hugh was acquainted with Mary O'Neill (Ellen's sister) while he lived in Ireland, but Henry and Hugh, both living on the frontier were definitely looking for wives. (Women were scarce in both frontier towns and pioneer ranches).

In 1883, Hugh sold some land and sailed for Ireland. He and Mary O'Neill were married on 31 July 1883 in Ahoghill. When they sailed to return to America, they brought Ellen. (No one knows if Ellen and Henry had met before). Henry Emmett O'Neill II met them in Kansas City, MO. Henry and Ellen were married 12 Sept 1883 in Kansas City.

The two O'Neill brothers married two O'Neill sisters, but the two O'Neill families were not related. (That makes us 100% Irish on the O'Neill side of the family).

In the Kansas State Census of 1885, Ellen was 27, living in the township of Gale, KS with Henry and their new baby, Mary Henrietta (my grandmother).

In the 1900 US Federal census, Ellen was 43 and living in Grant, Marion County, KS.

In the 1905 Kansas State Census, Ellen was 48, and living in Florence, Marion County, KS. She and Henry had sold their ranch in 1901 and moved into Florence.

In the 1910 US Federal Census, Ellen was 53, and living in Doyle township, Florence, Marion County, KS.

Her beloved husband, Henry Emmett II died on 11 Apr 1912 from stomach cancer, having suffered for some time before. She became even more devoted to her adult children and her grandchildren.
Henry and Ellen had 7 children:
• Mary Henrietta (Etta): 28 Jul 1884 - 9 Nov 1974
• Helen Frances Mary (Nell): 13 Aug 1885 - 6 May 1967
• Katherine Josephine (Kate): 10 Nov 1886 - 2 Feb 1962
• Margaret Teresa: 11 May 1888 - 25 Aug 1960
• Henry Emmett III: 14 Sept 1890 - 17 Jan 1948
• Elizabeth A. (Bess): 12 Apr 1892 - 26 Oct 1978
• Rose Martina (Tina): 20 Jan 1894 - 17 Dec 1962


On March 24, 1921, The Florence Bulletin reported that Ellen suffered severe illness. All her children came to visit her in May 1921.
Ellen was living at the home of her daughter Bess when she died on 6 Dec 1924 at age 67.

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Date of Birth 29th Dec 1856
Date of Death 6th Dec 1927

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