Place of migration
Migrated to /Born in Canada

George Atkinson was born in 1825 in the Town of BALLYSHANNON County Donegal, the son of Thomas and Ann Atkinson

He had 6 siblings of which four were sisters and two brothers. 

William was the oldest child and was born in 1805, In later life he travelled to the Crimea, however he never returned. 

Sarah was born in 1807. She travelled to Canada the same time that George did and settled there. She passed away there in 1866. 

Elizabeth was born in 1810, she married and reared a family of four with her husband Frank Scott. 

Thomas was born in 1815. He emigrated to the United States and settled ion a small town called Caveled (unknown location). 

Ann was born in 1818. She passed away in 1909 at the grand old age of 91. 

Catherine was born in 1821. She married an Andrew Scott. 

Last but not least was George Atkinson who got married to Jane Glasford from County Cavan. They went on to have a large family of 10 Children living in CALEDON, Ontario, Canada. Respectfully they passed away in 1900 and 1907 and are buried in Celedon, Ontario. 


George and Ann Atkinson would have been my Great-Grandparents. I have attached a file on the family and that of their descendants.  

Kind Regards 

Fred Atkinson 

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Additional Information
Date of Birth 12th Nov 1825
Date of Death 14th Feb 1907
Father (First Name/s and Surname) His parents are Thomas and Ann Atkinson from Ballyshannon, County Donegal


  • Hello Fred Atkinson,

    An interesting biography of George Atkinson indeed!

    I am John A Atkinson,son of John Harold, son of Charles, son of George Atkinson born 1825.

    Could you tell me more about Tom Atkinson & Ann Maxwell?

    Have been to Cavan Garden and little was accomplished..

    I have the Atkinson Bible now.

    Cheers -

    John A Atkinson - b 1940

    John Alexander Atkinson

    Saturday 29th May 2021 09:35PM

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