Guy Lloyd Jun. (1803-1860) took up residence in Croghan before the Great Famine to look after the Croghan and Cloone estates of his father (which he inherited in 1842). 

He was a member of the Grand Panel for Co Roscommon in 1828, served as High Sheriff of Roscommon in 1833, served as High Sheriff of Leitrim in 1847. 

In 1837, Lloyd was the treasurer of the Cloone Charitable loan society, Co Leitrim. At a meeting where the impending Poor Law Bill, he expressed an opinion in favour of workhouses rather than out-door relief as this system had worked well in England. In 1838, he was chairman of the Co. Roscommon Loan Fund.

His peers were: Owen Lloyd D.L. of Knockadoo; Captain K. Lloyd J.P. Ballymore, Rev. John Lloyd of Aughrim; William Lloyd, M.D. of Cashell, Erasmus Lloyd of Fortview, and Robert Lloyd of Boyle (Gentry 1839).

Upon inheriting the family seat in 1842, he set about founding the Boyle Agricultural Society and promoting other improvements in agricultural practices and drainage. He was said to be "an excellent country gentleman, an upright magistrate, a good landlord, and an efficient grand juror" who discharged his duties with great benefit to the country. Lloyd spoke with concern for the poorer classes and hoped their lot could be improved by introducing new practices such as green-cropping and house-feeding.

In 1843, the Croghan District Loan Fund, under Guy Lloyd Esq. was reported to be well-managed and "in prosperity". He also voted against the proposition of a curfew law in the district in 1843 (following Mr Irwin being shot at in broad daylight).

Long before the Great Famine, Croghan's Catholic priests were vocal in their denouncement of Guy Lloyd as a proselytising landlord. Lloyd's response to the famine was also publicly attacked in the local press by them. This reached a crisis point in 1856 when he was dubbed "the Czar of Croghan" in the Roscommon Messenger for firing 22 of his Catholic labourers who refused to work on the Feast of the Assumption.

BALLINASLOE Lunatic Assylum—We understand that John Wolfe Flanagan, Esq., of Drumdoe, Boyle, and Guy Lloyd, Esq., of Croghan House, Boyle, have been appointed by his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant governors of the Ballinasloe Lunatic Asylum.— Western Star. [Warder and Dublin Weekly Mail - 22 December 1855 ]

Additional Information
Date of Birth 30th Dec 1803
Date of Death 12th Nov 1860
Associated Building (s) Croghan House The Hermitage CROGHAN Fairview CROGHAN The Pound CROGHAN CROGHAN villageTD Holy Trinity Church of Ireland CROGHAN St. Michael's Church, Croghan Ardmore townland Bunreagh townland CROGHAN townland Ardlavagh townland Bunreagh townland Killappoge townland Cloverhill CROGHAN Knockroe townland Lisdaly townland  
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Martha Bircham of the Ollands, Norfolk
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Guy Lloyd Esq. of Croghan House (1766-1842) VIEW SOURCE
Occupation Landlord of estates in Co. Roscommon & Leitrim | High Sheriff of Roscommon in 1833 | High Sheriff of Leitrim in 1847 VIEW SOURCE
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname)
Names of Children Guy Lloyd Jr. | John Merrick Lloyd b. 1810. | William Richard b. 1848 | Sarah Martha | Susan Ellen | Mary Anne (m. Kenny Esq. of Ballinrobe) | Elizabeth (m. Meade, Esq., of Eastwood) | Emma | Katharine | Frances | Alice | Emily. VIEW SOURCE
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