Andrew Quinn & Mary Wallace married in the RC parish of Baldoyle Co. Dublin on 10-Feb-1834. Their witnesses were Patrick FLOOD & Jane Wallace. No parent's names or addresses were recorded.

Andrew & Mary baptised the following children in the RC Parish of Baldoyle (north Co Dublin) with later records recording their address as Sutton/Howth.

John* Quinn b. 23-Nov-1834 (gp: John Gregan & Catherine Wallace) *married Eliza Doyle of Bailey Green, Howth in 1865.

Andrew Quinn Jr. b. 25-May-1836 (Thomas Byrne & Jane Wallace)

Catherine Quinn b. 14-Oct-1838 (Valentine Flood & Anne Maguire)

Elizabeth Quinn b. 28-May-1841 (gp: Henry Quinn & Elizabeth Quinn)

Henry Quinn b. 24-Aug-1845 (gp: Thomas & Esther Wallace) father: Henry Quinn (likely error) mother: Mary Wallace

Mary Anne b. 25-Jun-1848 (gp William Gregan & Ellen White)

Brigid Quinn b. 17-Nov-1850 (Patrick & Jane White)

Michael Quinn b13-Feb-1853 (John & Brigid Kennedy)

James Quinn b 01-May-1855 (gp: Joseph Maher & Esther Wallace) address on record: "Sutton"

Maria Joanna Quinn b 22-May-1858 (gp: Hugh Waldron & Catherine Doyle) address on record: "Howth"

Thomas Quin b 25-Mar-1862 (gp: Daniel Waldron & Catherine White) address on record: "Howth Hill"


In 1853, at the time of Griffith's Valuation, both John Quinn (#9a)& Andrew Quinn (#9b) appear on record in the townland of Sutton South in Howth (along with Patrick Flood #10, Valentine #11a & John Flood #11b, George White and Joseph White #8a). This places them on the Carrickbrack Road (with the Whites and Floods just across the road)

The RC Parish of Baldoyle aka Howth aka "Baldoyle, Howth & Kinsealy" aka Kilbarrack has records from 1784 (with some gaps thereafter).

From these church records we can conclude:

1. Andrew's siblings included: Henry Quinn & Elizabeth Quinn

2. Andrew's father's name was likely John Quinn (based on the naming pattern of his firstborn son).

3. Mary's siblings included: Catherine, Jane & Esther Wallace.

4. The FLOOD family are close to them (Patrick Flood was a witness, Valentine Flood a godparent).

5. The WHITE family are close to them (Ellen, Patrick Jane & Catherine White are godparents). Anne Quinn married Christopher White in 1833 (witnesses: John & Catherine Quinn )

6. In the same way, the GREGAN and WALDRON families are important. 


With that in mind, we find the following:


Henry Quinn b. 03-Jul-1799 parents: John Quinn & Brigid Crosby (godparents James FLOOD & Jane Cassidy) gp for Andrew in 1841

Catherine Quinn b 12-Jul-1808 parents: John Quinn & Margaret (sic) Crosby (godparents Patrick WHITE & Catherine Quinn)

Anne Quinn 25-Aug-1811John Quinn & Brigid Crosby (godparents Hugh Corr & Catherine Bently)

(Note: 2 other John Quinns are baptising in this parish at this time, but with no connection to any of the "close" surnames).


An Andrew Quinn & Brigid Keenahan (aka Kenaghan aka aka Keane) are also close to the FLOOD family and baptising children from 1786-1795. Their last child on record was Andrew Quinn Jr b. 1795 (gp. James FLOOD & Anne Forde).


John McGrath & Elizabeth Current of Spring Hill, HOWTH, invited a Henry Quinn to godparent for them in October 1868 (RC parish of Baldoyle) most likely Andrew's son Henry.

Andrew's brother Henry Quinn did not marry or baptise children in the district of Howth. 


Note: McGuinn and Magin are early variants for this surname.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1799 (circa)
Associated Building (s) Howth Lighthouse, Dublin  

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