Honora or Hannah O' Hanlon 1821

Honora or Hannah O' Hanlon 1821

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Honora O' Hanlon was born around 1821 and came from Cork. Her father' was a farmer called John O' Hanlon. I suspect that due to the famine she left Ireland and came to England. She married Patrick Cooney in March 1856 in Maidstone in Kent. Patrick describes himself as a "hawker", but is able to sign his name in the marriage document. Honora leaves her mark a X. Their son , Patrick is baptised in October, 7 months later. There are two older children, Martin and Hana born prior to their marriage. Could they have been Patrick's from a prior marriage or Honora´s? As the daughter's name resembles her mother's and the boy is named Martin rather than Patrick, they may have been Honora's from a previous marriage. 

Kent held the possibility of work and a new life. Patrick worked as a labourer on the new railway and they moved into the railway cottages in Marden, Kent. The family settled there and had at least 2 more children John and William. The name Alfred also appears as a son, but I can't see any more details about this person. Patrick died in 1864, and an Annie Cooney died at the workhouse near Marden in 1885.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1821
Date of Death 1st Jan 1885

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