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James Acheson Esq.1782

James Acheson Esq. 1782

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James Acheson Esq. (1782-1877) who resided at Cavetown (since at least 1808) was a native of Drumsna Co. Leitrim. A member of the Church of Ireland, he held several hundred acres of land in the Cavetown area (near the village of Croghan) and served on the Grand Jury. 

James was the son of Eleanor & Robert William Acheson (b. 1760) of Drumcree, Drumsna, Co. Leitrim. Children: James (b. 1782), George (b. 1789), Alexander Acheson (1797-1867), Sarah (b. 1785), John (b. 1790), Eleanor (b. 1799).

He was an agent (middleman) for the Lloyds of Croghan House. At the time of the first Ordnance Survey the Acheson family were also acting as agents for the Mulloy of Oakport estate. 

In May 1829, James Acheson of Cavetown applied to the Roscommon Voters' Register with a freehold of £50 for the "House and Land at Cavetown, and Land at Ardacarke, Faus, and Ardmore, in the barony of Boyle". [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - Saturday 09 May 1829]. 

At the Spring and Summer Assizes of 1836, James Acheson of Cavetown was among the cess-payers appointed to sit for the Barony of Frenchpark. [Roscommon Journal – 2 April 1836; Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - 5 November 1836].

In 1839, at the time of the first Ordnance Survey, Cavelawn House, Faus, was also recorded in his name (leased from Guy Lloyd of Croghan, the owner). 

James' son, William Acheson of Lughnashammer also held land around Croghan at that time. 

Listed among the “Land Owners of Ireland, 1876” were:

  • James Acheson, Cavetown, Boyle, Area 176 acres 1 rood 10 perches, Value £106/05s.
  • William Acheson (his son), Cavetown, Crohan, Area 158 acres 3 roods 16 perches, Value £97/0s.
  • Rev. John Acheson, Elphin, Area 28 acres 3 roods 30 perches, Value £39/15s.


On 25 March 1852, James Acheson &  Thomas McLelland bore witness to the marriage of John Cuttle & Ann Ekins at the Eastersnow Parish Church. 

John Holmes (widower) who emigrated to Pennsylvania in 1833, was a son-in-law of said James Acheson (spouse unknown). 

His wife was Mary Berryhill (1789–1854). James Acheson (1844-1912) was their grandson. 

INTERRED at Eastersnow Cemetery (James & descendants) :
James Acheson, Cavetown d. 31/08/1877 & wife Mary Berryhill, age 65 d. 01/05/1854

  • George Acheson, Cavetown d. 01/02/1849
  • William Acheson (1813-20/04/1879)
  • Robert Acheson, age 39, d. 1870 and son James William, age 9, 1890

James Acheson, d. Nov 1912 and wife Martha, d. Feb 1934 and sons Jack, d. Nov 1955 and Berry d. March 1959

Henry Berryhill Acheson, Lugnashammer, 49, 22/08/1909 and wife Mary, Lugnashammer-Belfast, 69, 19/12/1929
their son Henry Berry Hill Acheson, Lugnashammer-Wicklow, age 32, d. 11/12/1914 and wife Ellen Jane age 76,  d.11/01/1964

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Mar 1782
Date of Death 1st Jan 1877
Associated Building (s) Cavetown House CROGHAN Estersnow Cemetery Cavelawn House CROGHAN Oakport House Croghan House  
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Eleanor
Father (First Name/s and Surname) William Robert Acheson DRUMSNA VIEW SOURCE
Townland born Drumcree, Drumsna, Co. Leitrim
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Mary Berryhill of Annaduff, Co. Leitrim; married c.1808
Names of Children Jane (1809-1882), Eleanor (1810-), William Sandy (1813-1879), Catharine (1815-), Robert (1816-1828), Elizabeth (1818-1889), Anne (1820-1863), George (1822-1849), John (1825-1899), Robert (1830-1870), and Marie (1832-).
Names of Children William Sandy Acehson Esq. (1813-79) of Lugnashammer | Sarah Jane Acheson Stephenson Byers 1809–1882 of Pennsylvania USA) | George Acheson 1822–1849 | Robert Acheson 1839–1848
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