Place of migration
Stayed in Ireland

James Bagot Sr. of Cloonreliagh aka Cloonreleagh held a sizeable farm of 50 acres at 1a. This farm (half arable & pasture, half bottom pasture) was recorded in the name of James Baggot in the Cloonreliagh Tithe Applotment Records of 1832 and in Griffiths Valuation 1858 – when he was the only landholder in that townland holding a farm in his sole name.  

  • James Baggot godparented for

  • Darby (Jeremiah) Morgan & Margaret Clark of Cinnslough in 1841

  • Thomas Groarke & Anne Dempsey in 1849;

  • Martin Moylan & Anne Kelly in 1849

  • Patrick & Catherine Wallace of Cloonreliagh in 1853. 


  • Joseph Baggot & Mary Kenny of Foxborough married 1846. Joe Baggot godparented for Kelly in the neighbouring townland of Carraghs (1840), Dempsey in Cinslough (1841) and Fanning in 1849.

  • John Baggot godparented for Scahill in Carraghs (1840) and Kelly (1843)

  • Brigid Baggot who married Martin Rafferty in 1856 also lived at Cloonreliagh until moving to the neighbouring townland of Foxborough c. 1865.

  • Mary Baggot godparented for Mulrenal in 'Foxborrow'in 1844.

James Baggot's wife was still living when is died in 1866 age 75. He was recoded as "small farmer" at that time. 

On 23-Feb-1857 his son, James Baggot Jr married Mary Kelly and lived at Cloonreliagh as "small farmers" where they baptised the following children in the RC parish of Ballinlough:

Winifred Baggot b.1854 (gp Joseph Baggot & Mary Flanagan)  m. William Gaffey in 1882 and lived in Cloonreliagh.

Joseph Baggot b.1858 (gp Joseph Baggot & Brigid Kelly)

Peter Paul Baggott  b.1861 (gp James Baggot & Brigid Baggot) m. Mary Fannin and lived in Foxborough. 

Mary Baggot b.1863 (gp Martin Kelly & Mary Kelly) m. Patrick Fannon of Kilbeg in 1888. 

Catherine Baggot b.1865 (gp Peter Kelly & Brigid Kelly)

Brigid Baggot b.1867 (gp Pat Kelly & Catherine Kelly)

James Baggot Jr b.1869 (gp Winifred Baggot & James Kelly)

Anne Baggot (twin) b.1871 (gp John Kaveny & Catherine Kelly)

Michael Baggot (twin) b.1871 (gp Mary Rafferty & Patrick Kelly)

Mary Baggot b.1873 (gp Martin Kelly & Mary Baggot)

Agnes Bagott 1876 (GP: Peter Baggot & Catherine Baggot)

Martin Baggot 1878 (gp: Daniel Moran & Brigid Baggot) 


Relationship TBC> Henry Baggot of Treanboy


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1791
Date of Death 4th Apr 1866

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