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Migrated to/Born in USA

James Edward Mahoney (O'Mahoney before immigration) was my great-grandfather. He married Mary Mannix in Killarney Sept. 1923. He then went to America on a ship to Boston, Massachusetts, making his way to Brooklyn to my great grandmother and their son, Timothy "Teddy" Mahoney who was born in May 10, 1923 somewhere in Kerry. 

James, born in Castlemaine, was the son of Timothy (Tadgh) O'Mahoney (Mahony) and Mary Stritch. He had siblings: Mary J (Molly?), Edward (born and died 1902), John(died as infant), Joseph, Mary Margaret (Madge), and Timothy (Tadgh). His father was a creamery manager or owner. When Mary died in 1907, the children were split up. Madge and Timothy were raised by their grandmother Mahoney. My great grandfather (James) and Molly were raised by the Stritches. Joseph was raised by his father and his second wife. 

Possible military involvement during the civil war on the anti-treaty side. This is I think also a reason that he had to immigrate to the US. 

James and Mary lived in Brooklyn, NY. They had 5 children: Teddy, James, Theresa, Catherine, and Helen (my grandmother). 

Additional Information
Date of Birth 21st Aug 1901
Date of Death 25th Apr 1970

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