James Stewart

James Stewart 1764

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Migrated to/Born in USA

There are so many James Stewarts it makes my head spin.  Family lore is that this James Stewart was a silversmith in Ireland and he was the one to immigrant to the U.S where I am able to pick up his trail in Kentucky when he married Anne Abel.  He dies in Switzerland Co. Indiana, U.S.A. and leaves several blacksmithing tools in his will. Another relative wrote these notes:  According to Mom's notes from Aunt Sue (Stewart) Peters:  James Stewart was in Kentucky and was a silversmith and a militia minuteman at Ft. Nelson.  Married in 1786 in Nelson Co. Came to Switzerland Co. IN when son James was 6 mos. old around 1798 from Woolford or Fayette Co. So far I haven't found for sure how he got to Kentucky.  I have found a record of an indentured 8yr old James Stewart traveling from Ireland into Pennsylvania to be a servant for a John Little in 1772.  That might work.  Or maybe he is the son of Dougald Stewart that took his family from Ireland to North Carolina in 1774, although I think this is less likely.  There is also a John Stewart/Stuart settled in the Shanandoah that mentions a son James in his will.  Would love to know the true path.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1764 (circa)
Date of Death 1st Oct 1817

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