Jeremiah J O'Shea

Jeremiah J O'Shea 1859

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Migrated to/Born in USA

I've been trying to track Jeremiah O'Shea, b. 1859 in Cork, who arrived in the USA in 1877 and became a US citizen in San Francisco in 1886. He has a brother Cornelius who emigrated around the same time and same place. Jeremiah's children (oldest to youngest) were James Henry, Jeremiah Francis, Irvine Thomas (my great gf and his names are the surnames of Jeremiah's naturalization witnesses), and Mary E (May). 

I also found an obit for the niece of Jeremiah and Cornelius, that lists her as 'Julia Creedon, (b. 1871) a native of Annahala (or possibly Amahala), who was visiting in SF and died at 19 y/o.' It lists what might be Jeremiah's sister as Mary Creedon and says that Mary Creedon's other children were James, Timothy, Katie, Maggie, and Mary.

Jeremiah has been easier to track, since he was very successful and quite active in politics, even having the mayor of SF (Sunny Jim Rolf) at his bedside when he died.

Related Q, I think there was a scheme for naming children, so that Mary's father and mother may have been honored with the naming of her own children. Is that likely?

Coming to Cork and Kerry in May 2022. Bringing some aloha from Hawaii.


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Sep 1859 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 31st Dec 1915 VIEW SOURCE
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Claimed Cork for nativity. Brother Cornelius, and sister Mary (possibly others); father may have been Timothy Shea
Names of Siblings Mary Creedon
Names of Children James, Timothy, Katie, Maggie, and Mary

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