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Date of Birth 26th Feb 1851


  • No Jeremiah Leary was baptized in Drimoleague for that approx date in1851. The only Jeremiah Leary born in the Cork & Ross Diocese for that approx date in 1851 was born in Shanacrane, Inchigeela to Michael Leary & Catherine Hurley. He was baptized on 28 Feb 1851 and sponsors were James Hurley & Catherine Leary. Inchigeela is close to Drimoleague. If Jeremiah was married and had issue the first son would have been named Michael according to the traditional naming pattern. If the first son was not named Michael then this is not his family. Likewise the first daughter would have been named Catherine.

    Bill, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Thursday 19th August 2021 05:22PM
  • Hello Bill, I was so excited to see your message this morning when I checked my emails.  You are the first person I have communicated with regarding my geneaology research.  Thank you very much for your reply. You have confirmed that I am on the correct path.  Michael Leary and Catherine Hurley were my great-great grand parents according to another member in my family.  Do you mind helping me with more research?  I would be very grateful.  If so, I would like to confirm Jeremiah's marriage to Jane McCarthy on February 14, 1885.  In my research, I discovered the McCarthy's have an impressive history.  I had no idea!  I would like to trace back the McCarthy line as far as possible but I'm not sure I am on the right track.  (My husband and I are planning our first visit to Ireland in July of 2023; he is a Kelly.  I plan on researching his ancestors also.  They were also from County Cork.  I joke with him and tell him we are probably related some where down the line.  LOL).  Thank you again for your assistance.



    Shawn O'Leary Kelly

    Friday 20th August 2021 02:19PM
  • There is no record of their marriage from 1880 to 1886. On the other hand I do have children of Jeremiah Leary & Jane McCarthy from Glounaclghy, Drimoleague. Since I cannot see an option to upload files contact me at and I will upload those files as attachments

    Bill, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 20th August 2021 05:17PM
  • Thank you.

    Shawn O'Leary Kelly

    Friday 20th August 2021 08:35PM
  • Would you mind confirming the following?

    My GG Jane McCarthy D.O.B. April 16, 1858  /  Lissane Upper, Drimoleague

    Jane's parents:  Cornelius McCarthy D.O.B. Sept. 6, 1818 - Lissane Upper, Drimolgeague /  Mary Collins D.O.B. around 1829 - Kilmacabea Leap, Cork

    Thank you :)






    Shawn O'Leary Kelly

    Friday 20th August 2021 08:52PM
  • No records available for Cornelius McCarthy or Mary Collins because the church records began later. On the other hand, I am sending Jane's baptismal record and her siblings baptismal record s to your Email address

    Bill, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Friday 20th August 2021 10:47PM
  • On Jane's baptism record I see Cornelius McCarthy is her father.  In my research I found his D.O.B. circa Sept. 6, 1818 - Upper Lissane, Drimoleague.  I think Corneilus's father is Andrew McCarthy D.O.B. circa 1795 - Caheragh.  Then I think Andrew's father is Aindriu Mor A McCarthy D.O.B. circa 1760. (Source:  Are you able to confirm this information?  THANK YOU. :)


    Shawn O'Leary Kelly

    Saturday 21st August 2021 12:37PM
  • Unable to confirm those dates because church records started later.. Did you get them from a family tree on Ancestry or from family? If Ancestry and you have the reference I can check that

    Bill, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Saturday 21st August 2021 01:47PM
  • Let me get back to you about this.  


    Shawn O'Leary Kelly

    Saturday 21st August 2021 05:41PM
  • I've reached out to my 1st cousin who has the names, listed below, on his tree in (I am waiting to hear back from him.)  

    I also have a 4th-6th cousin match on who has the same names in his tree, as well as, Donal C MacCarthy 1651-  and Donal Lord M McCarthy 1614-1665. (I've spelled the names out as they appear in the trees on

    Is there a way for us to know if these are my true ancestors?

    Thank you for your time and assisance Bill.

    Corneilus McCarthy 06 Sep 1818 (Source: Ireland, Catholic Parish Registers, 1655-1915 for Cors McCarthy)

    Andrew McCarthy 1795-1882 

    Aindriu Mor A McCarthy 1760-1835

    Tadgh Mor McCarthy 1720-

    Fingin MacCarthy 1676-

    Cormac MacCarthy Mor 1642-1698 (Married to Honoria MacCarthy)

    Shawn O'Leary Kelly

    Sunday 22nd August 2021 11:50AM
  • Corneilus McCarthy 06 Sep 1818 (Source: Ireland, Catholic Parish Registers, 1655-1915 for Cors McCarthy)

    Cannot find that specific entry and it is not listed in the original Caheragh Parish records either, though they begin in June 1818..As a result, I believe that the other entries are suspect also because there is not that much detail available in old records for Ireland. I will apologise if the original entries with URLS are provided

    Bill, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Sunday 22nd August 2021 01:51PM
  • Bill,

    Thank you for all of your help with my O'Leary / McCarthy ancestors.  

    Shawn O'Leary Kelly

    Shawn O'Leary Kelly

    Sunday 22nd August 2021 09:59PM
  • Hello Bill,

    I am trying to confirm my grandfather's birthdate.  I believe it is January 3, 1897 but on another record I saw the date January 14, 1897.  I believe he was born in Drimoleague, County Cork.  His parents were Jane McCarthy and Jerimiah O'Leary (or Leary).

    Thank you,

    Shawn O'Leary Kelly

    Shawn O'Leary Kelly

    Monday 23rd August 2021 06:27PM
  • It is January 3, 1897. I already sent you the birth registration, but if you need another copy, Email me at



    Bill, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Monday 23rd August 2021 09:05PM
  • I'm sorry - I see it now.  Thank you very much.

    Shawn O'Leary Kelly

    Monday 23rd August 2021 10:07PM
  • I notice that my maiden name, O'Leary, is written as Leary in the documents you sent me.  Can you explain why this is?  I noticed my grandfather signed his last name both ways on official documents here in the U.S.


    Shawn O'Leary Kelly

    Monday 23rd August 2021 10:17PM
  • The "O" meaning "descended from"  was used from the time that surnames were first used in the various clans.

    It was abolished along with many orher things, which indicated an Irish heritage, by the British occupation forces

    For hundreds of years it was not used, but gradually reappeared in the mid to late 19th century, to indicate a minor rebellion

    against the occupying forces. It coincided with the formation of many clubs to again promote the language.It was used mostly in communities, amongst the people themselves, but was never

    used to sign official documents.

    Not everbody avasiled of its usage, so you will find identical surnames both with & without the "O" prefix.. In the same way many Irish/Gaelic christian names

    could not be used. For example Cormac became Charles,Finian became Florence, a man's name in Ireland. No records, including church records , could be written

    in the Irish language. That is why in, an act of defiance, the Catholic church changed the first names into Latin rather than English, which the occupying forces expected to be used, 

    and the law did not restrict other languages. No Church of Ireland families used the "O" because of their allegiance to the British Crown.




    Bill, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘

    Tuesday 24th August 2021 03:09AM
  • This is very interesting. Thank you for explaining it to me.

    Have a great day!!!

    Shawn O'Leary Kelly

    Tuesday 24th August 2021 11:48AM

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