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I am trying to determine the parents of my 2nd great-grandparents on my mother's side:

Johannah Harrington, 1815–1883 and John Barry 1810–1883

This post is similar to that of his wife, but more suspected detail about John Barry is that he may have been in the military and appeared to be perhaps in the cavalry as his sons went into the military as horse riders. 

They had 13 children, the first several apparently born while still in Ireland, one or two died along the way to Canada.

I can't find any records of departure or arrival or other immigration information for them and that generation.

Their children, including my great grandparents born there, John Barry 1848 to 1907, (m. Elizabeth Flood 1853 to 1935) stayed and farmed in the Caradoc, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada area, marrying into other, largely Irish, immigrant groups.

The following generation, including my grandfather John Lawrence Barry 1880 to 1966 and several of his 13 siblings drifted down to the US in the early 20th century.

What I can determine definitively about Johannah Harrington, 1815–1883 and John Barry 1810–1883 is their marriage in:

23 Feb 1840 in DURRIS (MUINTERVARA) CORK & ROSS, Ireland

From the church records, Daniel Harrington and Patrick Barry as witnesses:

Book Number Page Entry Number Record_Identifier Image Filename  N/R N/R N/R CR-RC-MA-79751 cork & ross.durris (muintervara).p4799.00268 

I am pretty sure that was them.

I have their names and their shared gravestone proudly proclaims they came from County Cork but the purported birthdates and names of their parents is really not very well grounded in documents.

Her likely birth date is 1815 in Ireland though I cannot find confirmation of this. Her gravestone in Caradoc, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada only reads that she died in 1883 at age 68, and was a proud “native of County Cork.” (John Barry was born in 16 Jan 1810, Cork, Ireland, and died 06 JUL 1880, Caradoc Twp, Middlesex, Ontario, Canada. His parents were allegedly Tim Barry and Johanna Callahan.)

I also have DNA matches to McCarthy, Flood, Sullivan, Collins, Brady, Barry, Martin, etc.)

I suspect I am on the right track, but I can’t find records to confirm this, especially birth records that would definitively give me the names of their parents...and there seems to have been so much intermarriage and a scarcity of new names!

I would be very grateful for any more definitive information.

Thank you,

Penelope Cumler

Additional Information
Date of Birth 16th Jan 1810
Date of Death 6th Jul 1880

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