John Irwin Esq. 1762


John Irwin Esq. of Camlin (1762-1842) was the son of John Irwin & Rebecca Phibbs (see Rushfield)

"Eriwine" and "Erwinne" are old English first names, derived from the "ir afon" meaning "green water" in old Celtic languages.


In 1814 Camlin (parish of Eastersnow, Boyle) was the seat of John Irwin (1762–1842).

In 1837, at the time of the 1st Ordnance Survey, Camlin was being leased by John Irwin from the estate of Guy Lloyd and was described as "a good house of three stories". Lewis recorded Camlin as the seat of John Irwin Esq. and that the parochial school of Estersnow, under the patronage of Mrs. Irwin, of Camlin, afforded instruction to about 80 children in 1837. 

Lewis also recorded Granny as the seat of Thomas Irwin Esq. (In March 1852, the estate of Thomas Irwin, the elder, at Granny East, barony of Boyle, was offered for sale in the Encumbered Estates court. This included a "comfortable residence" depicted in the sale notice.)


John Irwin Esq.'s first marriage was to Mary Ormsby.  In 1798, John Irwin Esq. married  Elizabeth O Malley (1770-1840), who was a direct descendant of the pirate queen Gráinne Mhaol aka Grace O'Malley.


John Irwin III (1800-1842) married Emily Bolton (d.1904)

Mary Irwin 1801-1864

George O Malley Irwin 1802-1876

Rebecca Irwin 1806-1876

Mira Irwin 1808-1892

Andrew Irwin (1809-1874) married Belinda Bolton (1826-73)

William Irwin (1810-1889) married Eliza Jane Crump

Dorothea Irwin 1812-1874



John Irwin Esq. died in May 1842. His eldest son, John Irwin III died two months later in July 1842, who's son (John Irwin Jr) inherited the Camlin estate. At the time of Griffith's Valuation in 1857, the representatives of John Irwin Jr., a minor, were leasing a house at Camlin, valued at £14, to James Badger.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Oct 1762 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 23rd May 1842  
Associated Building (s) Camlin House  
Father (First Name/s and Surname) John Irwin of Camlin (1716-91)  
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Rebecca Phibbs (1729-1809)  
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