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Date of Birth 26th Jul 1887 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 1st Jan 1967


  • There is no comment or questions regarding John Mc Nulty mentioned above. Is there a relation reaching out for information?


    Joe Q

    Thursday 8th April 2021 10:32PM
  • John was the son of Thomas, married to Ellen Mc Loughlin. They had 11 children. John was the grandson of Patrick, married to Bridget Flynn.

    Some of John's siblings went to USA. Relations of John through marriage in Ballysumaghan would include Breheny, Mulvey, Mc Loughlin, Kelly, Flynn, O Boyle to name but a few in that area.

    However I would like to know where John went to and where and when he died in 1967, was he marrird etc? I have no information on John's own life.


    Joe Q

    Friday 9th April 2021 11:32AM
  • Hi Joe,
    He was my great Grandfather. He married Bridget Parkes July 1912 and they had 7 children. My Grandmother Kathleen being the eldest Bridget and John met whilst working at The Fever Hospital, he was a porter and she was an auxiliary nurse. Sadly Bridget died in 1924, she fell from a ladder and was paraplegic, dying a few months later.
    My Grandmother came to England to work as a nurse in the 30s. She met my Grandad Daniel Gallagher (from Donegal) whilst waiting for a bus in Birmingham to go to an Irish dancehall on a Saturday night. They married and had 2 sons.

    I managed to find 7 of John's siblings, I would be interested in finding them all.
    Is John linked with your heritage?
    John McNulty came to England at the start of the second world war, he was a gardener by profession and they were calling out for men who knew the land to work in the fields in Lincolnshire. He then joined my Grandmother and family and lived out his days living with them in Warwickshire. He died end of 1967.


    Friday 9th April 2021 08:49PM
  • Hi Gallag

    Yes indeed John Is in my heritage. John had an older sister Bridget (Beesy) who married Edward Kelly. Edward & Bridget were my wife's grandparents and our childrens great grand parents.

    So John was a brother of my wife's grandmother. I have a fair amount of information on the relevant families, which I keep on an excel sheet. I would gladly share this information with you.

    If we could exchange email address's I will forward this excell to you. If you are agreeable perhaps you might arrange this and we can bring our shared heritage up to the present time.


    Joe Q

    Friday 9th April 2021 10:35PM
  • Hi Joe,

    I only made the link to Edward Kelly on Monday, so that is very exciting to link with you too.
    My Dad mentioned to me he remembers two girls who used to visit who were Kelly, one was called Una I believe and he thought they were from his Grandmother's side of the family. I pretty sure she said that they were living possibly in Oldham.
    I would happily share my email and my tree information too. I am not sure how we do that privately through here?
    Are you on ancestry or my Heritage?


    Friday 9th April 2021 10:59PM

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