John None Connor1815

John None Connor 1815

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Additional Information
Date of Birth 14th Mar 1815
Date of Death 1st Jan 1853 (circa) VIEW SOURCE


  • Captain John Connor son of John Connor, Mariner (Father and son are both listed as mariners on John’s wedding registration.)
    The term mariner can be synonymous with sailor but is more likely to mean that the man was concerned with the navigation of the vessel. Master mariners were those skilled in navigation. A Master Mariner would probably have a Mate or Master's ticket and be on the Seaman's Register at the National Archives. Mariners would come under the umbrella heading of the Merchant Navy.
    He was born on 14 Mar 1815 in Cobh, Cork, Ireland. (Cobh is in the diocese of Cloyne.)
    He was an apprenticed seaman in 1825 and went to sea as a “boy” in 1829, at age 14. (Based on two documents:  His seaman’s ticket and his documentation for certification as a Master Mariner.)
    He was mate from 1832 until certification as a Master Mariner (i.e., Captain’s Certificate) in 1851. Most of his service was between the UK and North America.  He was five feet four to five inches, brown hair and blue eyes, with a tattoo “JC & AW” on his right arm. His merchant seaman’s ticket was “81,186”. His service record relates his various voyages as a mate and captain
    John Connor and Hetty Ann Power were married on 5 Nov 1845 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England. They were married at the Church of St. Stephen (Anglican) and resided on Prince Street at the time of their marriage. He was 29 and she 18.
    John Connor and Hetty Ann Power gave birth to a son. Edward John Connor was born July 1846 in Bedminster, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England. John Connor and Hetty Ann Power then gave birth to a daughter. Lucy Elizabeth Connor was born about 1849 in Dublin, Ireland.
    He was certified as a Mariner MS (Master) in 1851.
    John Connor and Hetty Ann Power gave birth to a son. Frederick Albert Connor was born Apr 1851 in Bedminster, Bristol, Somerset, England. At the time, they live at 15 Hillsbridge Parade according to the census.
    John Connor and Hetty Ann Power gave birth to a daughter. Alice Kate Connor was born about 1853 in Somerset, England. When she died in 1854, Hetty Ann Connor (his wife) is listed as a widow on the death certificate.
    He presumably died about Nov 1853 at age of 38 years (cause unknown).
    Hetty Ann went on to remarry Samuel Maher in 1855, had four more children and eventually relocated to Belfast.


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