Joseph CONNOR and Judith DOYLE

b.  circa 1824?

D.  ???

m.   Judith Doyle (from death certificate of Thomas Joseph Connor)

                October 25, 1842 in Louth, Louth Ireland to John Connor

Listing in Ancestry of a Joseph Connor, baptized on Jan 17 1824 in Termonfeckin , Louth, Ireland.  Parents were John Connor and Anne Halligan

Judith DOYLE

b.  circa 1825


                                                                                                Ancestral Connor home in Drogheda, Ireland,-6.3066642,3a,75y,84.78h,84.53t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sFwteMlwG2SUvrx9fiNgMrQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192

Graveyard inscription

Termonfeckin Graveyard, Termonfeckin, County Louth, Ireland, plot 59

Joseph Connor

Judith Connor

Child:  John Connor  1846-1932

Find a Grave, Termonfeckin Graveyard Memorials:

Alice Connor, ukn to 28 Jul 1888

Inscription:  CONNOR HIS, erected by Thomas Connor of Baltray in memory of his wife Alice,     who died 28th July 1888.  (This stone lies recumbent in M. O’Connors enclosure 50)

Joseph Connor, birth and death dates unknown  (spouse Judith Connor, son:  John Connor, 1846-1932)

Mrs. Judith Connor, birth and death dates unknown (spouse Joseph Connor, son:  John 1846-1932)

John Connor I, 1846 to 7 March 1932 (Parents:  Joseph Connor and Judith Connor.)

 Spouse Jane Connor 1840-1921.  Children:  Joseph Connor, unk to 1937, and John Connor, unk to 1948)

Mrs. Jane Connor, 1840 – 28 Jan 1921  (buried by John Connor I, 1846-1932)

                Chidren:  John Connor II   unknown to 14 Octo 1948 (spouse:  Alice Connor, unk – 1943)

                                    Joseph Connor, unk to 7 Feb 1937


Mrs. Alice Connor, unk to 6 May 1943 (spouse:  John Connor, unk – 1948.  Child:  John Connor, 1912-1962)

John Connor III, 1912 to 29 Jan 1962  (parents:  John Connor, unk-1948 and Alice Connor, unk – 1943)

CONNOR  (from Find a Grave)  Termonfeckin Graveyard, Termonfeckin, Couty Louth, Ireland
Erected by John Connor, Sandpit, in memory of his father, Joseph.

His mother, Judith.
And his wife, Jane, who died 28 January, 1921, aged 81 years.
The above named John who died 7th March, 1932, aged 86 years.
His son, Joseph, died 7th February, 1937.
And Mrs. Alice Connor died 6th May, 1943.
And her husband, John, died 14 October, 1948, aged 75 years.
Their son, John, died 29 January, 1962, aged 50 years.

Diocese of Armagh, Termonfeckin

Baptism Record:  October 27, 1848  Joseph of Joseph Connor and Judith Doyle.  Witnesses:  Michael Dolan and Jane McKeowne in Sandpit

Baptism record:  July 16, 1850, Thomas of Joseph Connor and Judith Doyle.  Witness Peter Hinn and Margaret Leonard in Sandpit

Dec 13, 1852:  baptism (in Latin) Petrum of Josephi Connor and Judith Doyle, witness ?? McKeowne and Maria Burke, Sandpit (Armagh Diocese)

Dec 28, 1857:  baptism of Margarettum of Josephi Connor and Judith Doyle.  Witnesses Edwardo Sweeney and Anna Burke, in Sandpit

John CONNOR (son of Joseph Connor, brother of Thomas J. Connor)

1901 Ireland Census

                John Connor, age 54

                Jane Connor, age 52

                Mary Jane Connor, age 29, dau

                John Connor, age 27 son

                13 Milltown, Termonfeckin, Louth, Ireland

1911 Ireland Census

                John Connor, age 65, born about 1846 in Co. Louth, cannot read or write

                                Occupation:  farmer

                Jane Connor, age 70, wife, can read and write

                                Inferred marriage date 1868, married 43 years

                                Five children born and living

                                Religion:  RC

                John Connor, age 38, son

                                Farmer’s son listed occupation

                                Shown as married

                Alice Connor, age 28, daughter-in-law

                                Married 1 year

                10 Milltown, Termonfeckin, Louth, Ireland

Ireland Select Marriages

                John Connor, age 20, birth date 1846

                                Father:   Joseph Connor

                Married 3 Nov 1866 in Termonfeckin, Louth, Ireland

                Jane Mullin

                                Father:  John Mullin

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Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1824
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Judith Doyle
Names of Children John Connor, Joseph Connor, Alice Connor, John Connor III

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