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Lewis Hawkes Morton was born in or about 1762, the son (I believe) of Thomas Brown Morton and Susannah Hawkes, and died, supposedly by poison, on 6 October 1839 at his estate of Bogwood in County Roscommon. He also seems to have had a house on Upper Dominick Street in Dublin, and then a house at 22 Mountjoy Street, where he practiced law, and in 1814 resided at a house or estate called Gaywood on the eastern shore of Kilglass Lough.

He married Anne, the natural daughter of Johnston Moreton, a "man of property" in County Leitrim who had no legitimate children and seems to have given Anne a large dowry to enable her to marry a "gentleman." I believe they had eight children, but records are sparse and confusing so I'm not sure.

Lewis Hawkes Morton served as Parish Commissioner of Kiltrustan, Diocese of Elphin, for ten years. His daughters were noted in the newspaper to have come into a "considerable independence" at his passing, and his daughter Margaret (of whom I am sure, since she is my g-g-grandmother!) married a Longford medical doctor named Henry McManus on 6 November 1839 in Kilgefin Parish. From that point forward, I can find no record of Dr. McManus practicing medicine; he seems to have lived on his wife's portion of the estate at Bogwood and busied himself managing their affairs. But Bogwood does not look, to me, to have been a large estate.

If anyone here has any knowledge of Bogwood, Gaywood, or this branch of the Morton family, I would be grateful to receive it.

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Associated Building (s) Bogwood House  
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  • Thomas Brown Morton Esq. was of Castlenode, Strokestown, Co Roscommon. (So you should join the civil parish of Bumlin and check out Strokestown House as the Mortons would have been agents for Mahon. There will be records pertaining to these Mortons Esq. at Strokestown Park & famine museum.

    Susannah Hawkes was probably the dau. of John Hawkes (d.1828) of Portanure, Newtowncashel, County Longford. (Please also connect this post the civil parish of Cashel). Her father was living the Morton Estate at Castlenode when he died in 1828...



    John Thomas Cramer Esq.,’ surviving Executor of Marmaduke Cramer, who was surviving Executor of Josiah George Hurt, Esq., deceased, Plaintiff

    Thomas Morton, Lewis Hawkes Morton, William Morton, and several others, Defendants

    PURSUANT to the Decree of his Majesty's High Court of Chancery, in Ireland, made in this Cause, bearing date the 8th day of August, 1828, I do hereby require all Creditors and Legatees of John Hawkes, formerly of Portanure, in the County of Longford, but late of Castlenode, in the County of Roscommon, Esq., deceased, affecting the Lands and Premises in the pleadings in this Cause mentioned, situate in the Counties of Roscommon and Longford, late the Estate of the said John Hawkes, to come in before me, at my Chambers on the Inns Quay, Dublin, and prove and ascertain their demands, on or before the 1st of December next; otherwise they will be precluded the benefit of the said Decree. Dated this 28th day of October 1828. J. S. TOWNSEND. Gerald O'Reilly, Solicitor for the Plaintiff, No. 18, North Frederick Street, Dublin. [Dublin Evening Packet and Correspondent - 22 November 1828, p1]

    In Griffith's Primary Valuation of 1857, Castlenode House was valued at £8 in the name of George Walpole who held the lease to al 233 acres of Castlenode. He was succeeded by Thomas Walpole and this family remained there well into the 20th century.




    In 1817 Lewis Hawkes Morton was in custody in the Sherriff's Prison for upaid debts owed to a very long string of creditors, to include Widow Olivia Morton of Castlenode and the Lord Baron Hartland of Strokestown House. [Dublin Evening Post - 18 January 1817].

    In 1809, GREYFIELD alias the lands of Aughervoy  (south-east of Strokestown) see Aughavorney, Curraghroe was offered to let as part of the estate of Olivia, the widow of John Morton Esq and executrix of his will in 1808. Their estate also included part of the lands of Old Park & Curragh, Balm-hill, and Ballyard. [Dublin Evening Post - 25 February 1809]


    BOGWOOD alias Carrowntogher, Cloontuskert

    In 1824, Bogwood is recorded as Carrrowintoher in the Tithe Applotment Books where the name L. H. Morton Esq. is recorded holding 40 Irish acres.

    It looks like Lewis Sr. was still in financial difficulty in 1830...

    INSOLVENT DEBTORS Petitions to be heard June 23rd:  Lewis Hawkes Morton, Bogwood County Roscommon, and late of Upper Dominick-street, Dublin, gent.  [Dublin Morning Register - Thursday 03 June 1830]

    Insolvent Debtors. In the Matter of Lewis Hawkes Morton, an Insolvent UPON the motion of Mr. Creighton, of Counsel with Olivia Morton, Widow, and Administratrix of John Morton, deceased, a creditor of said Insolvent, and on reading the affidavit of said Olivia Morton, it is ordered by the Court that Joseph Johnston, and John O’Beirne, be removed signees, and that the appointment of an Assignee in their stead be fixed to take place before this Court, on the 29th day of October next, unless good cause be shown to the contrary... [Saunders's News-Letter -  13 October 1830 ]

    In 1837, his wife Anne Morton (the natural daughter of Johnston Moreton) died...

    • The following marriages appear on record for Bogwood:
    • MARRIED 25 Sep 1826 at St John's Co Roscommon, Mr Charles Morton of Bogwood Esq.  to Henrietta, dau of the late Maurice Neligan of Belmont Co Meath. 
    • In September 1830, Robert J. Morton of Bogwood applied to register his freehold of 10 pounds for the "lands of Bogwood, Barony of Ballintubber" [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - 27 March 1830]
    • MARRIED January 1832:  Lewis Hawkes Morton, of Bogwood, in the County of Roscommon, Esq., to Charlotte Newcomen, of Clonard, in the County Longford. [Dublin Weekly Mail - 04 February 1832]
    • DIED  At Bogwood, in the county Roscommon, Anne, wife of Lewis Hawkes Morton Esq. [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - Saturday 11 March 1837]  
    • MARRIED, Nov 6 1839 in Kilgifflin church, by the Rev W Beech. Henry Edward, eldest son of Surgeon McManus of Longford, to Margaret, youngest daughter of the late Lewis Hawks Morton, Esq., of Bogwood, in this county [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - Saturday 16 November 1839]
    • DIED  At Cloonahard, Charlotte, relict of Lewis H. Morton, Esq. of Bogwood, county Roscommon. [Freeman's Journal - Thursday 25 May 1848].




    Charles Hawkes Morton (1839-1923) was the youngest son of Thomas Morton Esq. and Sarah Hawkes of Castlenode. His baptismal record at Bumlin Church of Iireland is 22-Mar-1847. His siblings were Theodoria Morton b. 1839, John Morton b. 1840, Robert Morton b. 1841, Susan Morton b. 1845, and Thomasina Morton b. 1849.


    The daily papers of the past week contained a brief announcement of the death of Mr Chas. Morton at the age of 84 years. By the older members of the community, it will be recollected that the late Mr Morton was one of the first Protestant Home Rulers in the county to take the public platform with the late Charles Stewart Parnell. He was a fluent speaker and addressed many meetings in the old Land League and stormy Plan of Campaign days. Being a farmer on an extensive scale he had practical experience of the difficulties the tenant farmers had to contend with. He was an authority on economic problems and the letters over his name on agriculture and kindred subjects in the public Press attracted considerable attention. He was a connection the famous Hawkes family of Briarfield [Castlerea] through his mother. Personally, he was extremely popular. was a Grand Juror and magistrate under the old regime, but for many years, owing to declining health, had ceased taking any part in public affairs. [Roscommon Messenger - Saturday 05 May 1923 ]

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Saturday 20th October 2018 01:59AM
  • Rua, I am overwhelmed. Thank you, thank you!!! I'm so excited I can't even take it all in ... will print and compare to the scraps I have gathered. This is unbelievable. So helpful. So KIND of you. Thank you again! Let me know if you need any lookups in California ... not likely, eh? But I owe you!! xx Diane


    Saturday 20th October 2018 02:45AM
  • I have been puzzled by the Newcomen marriage, since it seemed to take place while his wife Anne Moreton was still alive. Do you suppose the Lewis Hawkes Morton who married Charlotte Newcomen was a son with the same name? 

    I am ecstatic to have the names of Olivia and John; they are new to me and obviously very important. So grateful!!


    Saturday 20th October 2018 02:54AM
  • Tá fáilte romhat!  

    Thanks to family 'debts' and court records you should able to get back a little further than most of us!


    As for there being a Lewis Hawkes Moreton Esq. Sr and Jr. (the latter marrying Newcomen in 1832) it would appear to be the case. 


    Re: Charles Hawkes Morton ... I didn't have time to dig deeper, but you are right, it would appear there was an error in the newspaper obituary!

    Thomas Morton Esq. and Sarah Hawkes of Castlenode baptised the following children at Bumlin Church of Ireland(all born at Castlenode):

    1. Theodora Morton b. 1839,
    2. John Morton b. 1840,
    3. Robert Morton b. 1841,
    4. Olivia Morton b. 1843,
    5. Susan Morton b. 1845,
    6. Charles Hawkes Morton (1847-1923), and
    7. Thomasina Morton O'Flaherty b.1849.

    Charles Hawkes Moreton, bachelor (age 64 ... b.c. 1847)  and his sister Thomasina O'Flaherty, widow (age 61 ... b.c. 1849) are recorded together in the 1911 Census for Rouane, Kilglass, Co. Roscommon.  This suggests an age typo in his newspaper obituary of 1923. Both Charles' and Thomasina's ages are consistent in the 1901 Census as well. 

    With the above leads, you should be able to work up your 19th-century family tree with quite a bit of certainty!


    I may take you up on the California search offer as there is one relative (who survived the Great San Francisco Earthquake) I would love to know more about. 


    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Wednesday 24th October 2018 05:59AM
  • DIED Olivia Moreton (c.1772-1845) at Cloonfinla  relict of John Moreton Esq. of Castlenode (in 1857 this house was occupied by Robert Devinish)



    Thomas Morton Esq. of Castlenode House, Strokestown  married Sarah, the daughter of George Devenish, Esq., Mountpleasant in 1837 (?)  

    DIED At Castlenode, Thomas Moreton Esq. [Limerick Chronicle - 23 December 1848 ]. Contents of the house were acutioned for sale in 1849. [By 1851, Castlenode occupied by George Walpole & Jane Power].


    In 1830, Thomas Moreton Esq. of Castlenode had a farmhouse at Rouane [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - 09 October 1830]

    DIED Lady Susan Jane Maria Moreton  (c.1804 - 1878) Rouane, Co. Roscommon age 73/75, spinster.

    In 1862, the lands of Ruane, owned by John Moreton Esq. (petitioner) along with other lands were ordered for sale by the Encumbered Estates Court [Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - Saturday 13 December 1862].

    BURIED AT BUMLIN Church of Ireland ...


    DIED Martha Moreton of Palmerstown Dublin (c1805-1889) age 84.

    DIED   Olivia Moreton (1801-1874, spinster) of Strokestown, age 73 (informant C. Hawkes Morton, address: Strokestown)

    DIED  Sarah Moreton (c.1822-1867, spinster) of Lisroyan Strokestown age 45/46 (informant Mrs Moreton Ross of Castledawson, Co. Londonderry).

    DIED Rev. Joseph Moreton (c.1805-1873) at The Rectory Strokestown, age 73



    L. H. Morton, Esq. Bogwood in 1828 (loan of £25 from Trustees of Committee for Promotion of Industry in Roscommon, debt outstanding) In 1838, Thomas Moreton Esq. and others, defendants, saw par of the lands of "Bogwood otherwise Killinamona" along with other lands, their property, sold in settlement of the Cramer estate. 

    DIED 1829  Charles Moreton of Bogwood (c.1799-1829) age 30.

    DIED April 1834, "at Bogwood, the residence of her father, the wife of the celebrated Christy Southby Harrison, Attorney". (He married Mary Jane Ormsby of Emla in 1853). 

    By 1839, "the late Lewis Hawks Morton, Esq., of Bogwood," (when his youngest daughter married). 

    In September 1834, L.H. Moreton of Bogwood penned an unpopular letter to the Roscommon Journal which was published in full with commentary regarding an upcoming assault trial. [Roscommon Journal, and Western Impartial Reporter - Friday 12 September 1834] In Jan 1835, Mr Moreton of Bogwood was found guilty of assault on Mr Murray and fined 10 shillings. 

    DIED  Thomas Moreton of Bogwood (c.1798-1848) age 49.

    In 1854, in the matter of the estate of James De Courcy and his wife Susannah Moreton, the Rev. Thomas Kennedy and his wife Elizabeth Moreton, and Henry McManus and his wife Margaret Moreton (defendants), for the purposes of discharging incumbrances, the following Moreton lands were ordered for sale: one undivided part of the lands of Bogwood alias Killinamona, Rockwood otherwise Culnaclough, (bar. Ballintubber Co Roscommon) and the lands of Drumdristan (Drumahaire, Co Leitrim). [Roscommon Journal 1854] The majority of Bogwood was held by the Taafe Nolan Estate.





      In 1827, William Morton Esq. "of Fairview" (aka Captain Morton of the 66th Regiment of Fairview, Croghan) and the Rev. Thomas Hackett were sworn as Commissioners for the Composition of Tithes in the parish of Killukin.  Captain William Morton (Cess payer, Barony of Boyle) was still residing at Fairview in 1859 and deceased by 1875.




      DIED Charles Moreton Esq. (1805-1874) of Drumminmore, gentleman, widower (informant Charles Duke of Tawlaghtmore)



      Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

      Wednesday 24th October 2018 10:06AM
    • So ... the "Christopher S. Harrison of Newtown Lodge Strokestown" who published the advertisement regarding the poisoning of Lewis H. Moreton in 1839 (stating he was entitled to one 4th pf the Bogwood Estate by marriage contract) was the Christy Southy Harrison, Attorney who buried his Moreton bride in 1834.

      DIED April 1834, "at Bogwood, the residence of her father, the wife of the celebrated Christy Southby Harrison, Attorney". (He married Mary Jane Ormsby of Emla in 1853). 

      Did you have the names of all 4 of Lewis' daughters?

      Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

      Friday 26th October 2018 03:25AM
    • I'm just beside myself ... this is all so wonderful ... I have puzzled for YEARS over the relationship between C. S. Harrison and L. H. Morton, because it was clear there was one, and I found some indication that CSH had married a Morton, but I didn't know who! So he was actually a son-in-law? Or perhaps a brother-in-law?? I wonder ... "residence of her father" ... I have no idea how long Bogwood was a Morton property. Do we know Mrs. Harrison's first name? I do not know LHM's daughters' names, if there are four! I know Margaret because I am descended from her. There seems to have been a Susanna who married James De Courcy, but I have found no trace of them apart from that legal filing mentioning them; no birth, marriage, or death records. I believe there was an Elizabeth, who married Rev. Thomas Kennedy, minister of Corboy who joined the "remonstrants." Is there another daughter, who married Mr. Harrison? She must have been the eldest, I would think, if she died in 1834.This is such fantastic information!! Thank you!!


      Friday 26th October 2018 06:27AM
    • I'm just beside myself ... this is all so wonderful ... I have puzzled for YEARS over the relationship between C. S. Harrison and L. H. Morton, because it was clear there was one, and I found some indication that CSH had married a Morton, but I didn't know who! So he was actually a son-in-law? Or perhaps a brother-in-law?? I wonder ... "residence of her father" ... I have no idea how long Bogwood was a Morton property. Do we know Mrs. Harrison's first name? I do not know LHM's daughters' names, if there are four! I know Margaret because I am descended from her. There seems to have been a Susanna who married James De Courcy, but I have found no trace of them apart from that legal filing mentioning them; no birth, marriage, or death records. I believe there was an Elizabeth, who married Rev. Thomas Kennedy, minister of Corboy who joined the "remonstrants." Is there another daughter, who married Mr. Harrison? She must have been the eldest, I would think, if she died in 1834.This is such fantastic information!! Thank you!!


      Friday 26th October 2018 06:27AM
    • Feel free to email me: with info on your San Francisco relative! My Irish grandparents survived the quake as well, and camped in Golden Gate Park for a while as did many refugees at the time. My grandmother was pregnant with her first child but lost the baby. Don't know if that had anything to do with quake trauma or not.


      Friday 26th October 2018 06:31AM
    • Delighted this is solving some of the puzzles for you!

      I have posted as much as I can find on Bogwood to the Kilgefin Buildings Chronicle

      It would appear that C.S.Harrison (b.1803) was the son-in-law:

      • In 1834, Mrs. Harrison (nee Moreton) was described by her husband as a "delicate young lady". The couple was residing at Newtown Lodge but it would have been traditional at that time to return to her father's residence to give birth, for example. 
      • In 1839 claimed entitlement to one fourth of the Moreton lands of Bogwood (based on the marriage bonds of his wife who died 1834)
      • He was quoted as aged "about 60" in 1863 (and described as having "acquired some notoriety by his eccentric ways").
      • They may have had a son, Richard Harrison born circa 1828, although I have yet to establish whether there was a Charles Southby Harrison (or possibly a typo)

      In 1838, Harrison and Moreton faced off in court:  C. S. Harrison, Esq., Appellant, Lewis H. Moreton, Esq, Respondant [Roscommon Journal, and Western Impartial Reporter - 14 July 1838 ]

      The other three daughters are, as you mentioned: Eliza Kennedy, Susan De Courcey and Margaret McManus. I don't see evidence that any of them resided at Bogwood. The house was no longer in Moreton ownership by the 1840s, when it was occupied by James Bermingham (a tenant of John Nolan esq). 

      Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

      Saturday 27th October 2018 03:49PM
    • And you have added Bogwood to the buildings chronicle! Thank you! Wow. 

      A note for your Bogwood page: My research indicates that the Olivia Morton to whom Lewis Hawkes Morton was indebted was not his mother, but his sister-in-law. Olivia Hunt, whose mother was also a Hawkes, married his brother John "of Castlenode" and survived him. I think Lewis Hawkes Morton's parents were Thomas Brown Morton (1740-1805) and Susanna Hawkes (1742-1793). 

      My great-grandmother, Anna Maria McManus, is listed in her 1868 marriage lines as being the eldest daughter of "Henry McManus, medical doctor, late of Rocknew" in County Roscommon, but I can find no such place. I am thinking it may be mis-transcribed and was the "Rockwood" mentioned in the 1854 legal proceedings as being part of the Bogwood property. She was born in 1850. I don't know when Dr. McManus died.

      It will take me some few hours now to catch up my records to match what you have found!! I am so thrilled. Planning my first trip to Ireland for next Aug or Sep and can hardly wait to drive all over Roscommon and Longford hunting down these mysterious places! (At great peril to myself and the local folk, no doubt, since I am accustomed to driving on the right. Gulp.)




      Sunday 28th October 2018 10:36PM
    • Found a name for the daughter who married Harrison: Charlotte Morton. :)


      Sunday 28th October 2018 11:24PM
    • Brilliant ... where did you find that?

      Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

      Monday 29th October 2018 07:58AM
    • It looks like Bogwood was in limbo for quite a number of years, and let in the interim until the matter was settled...

      INCUMBERED ESTATES: BOGWOOD 1856 [Dublin Evening Mail - Friday 10 October 1856] 

      IN CHANCERY  In the Matter of Elizabeth Gray, executrix of Jane Moorehead, deceased, Petitioner

      James De Courcy, Susan De Courcy otherwise Morton; Henry McManus and Margaret McManus, otherwise Morton, his wife; Christopher Hume Lawder; the Rev. Thomas Kennedy and Elizabeth Kennedy otherwise Morton, his wife; Respondents

      PURSUANT the Order made in this Matter. bearing date the 28th day of June 1856, I will on SATURDAY. the 1st day NOVEMBER next, at the hour of One o'clock, at my Office on the Inn's Quay, City of Dublin, set up and let from the 1st day of November next, to the highest and fairest bidder, for the term of seven years pending this matter, all that and those, that portion of the lands of Bogwood. In the County of Roscommon, in the petition in this matter mentioned, now in the possession of Susan De Courcy, one of the Respondents, or her sub-tenants, containing in or about 17acres 3 roods 36 perches Irish plantation measure. Dated this 2d day October. 1856.  

      Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

      Monday 29th October 2018 07:59AM
    • ROCKWOOD HOUSE at Kilnacloghey

      The 1854 Court Order for sale of Morton lands refers to a "Rockwood otherwise Culnaclough in the Barony of Ballintubber Co Roscommon" points to the townland of Kilnacloghy (Culnaclogh) near the village of Cooladra in the civil parish of Cloontuskert. Now, this makes sense because Rockwood is a direct translation of Coill na Cloch (the Wood of Rock or Stoney Wood).  Rockwood, in the 1830s was also recorded as "Rockwood otherwise Shanballymore". I get the impression that both of these townlands were a combined property at some earlier point in time. 

      In 1908 Rockwood Bridge near Clonadra was mentioned in the road repair plans.  Today this small by-road is known as "the line into Rockwood". I think the locals of Ballyleague village (the Roscommon side of Lanesborough) will be able to enlighten you more on Rockwood. Sadly, I can't see that any building has survived. 

      In 1836 Rockwood was occupied by John Roach, Gentleman, £10 Freeholder with a house and land at Shanballymore. [Roscommon Journal, 8 October 1836] who was succeeded by Patrick Roach of Rockwood, farmer,  £10 Freeholder  [Roscommon Journal 13 June 1840]. 

      In 1860,  "Rockwood, Lanesborough" is given as an address when the interest in the lease to "a most desirable farm of land and residence" at Shanballymore is offered for sale by Mrs Gilhooley of Ashfield, the landlord being MARCUS M CAUSLAND, ESQ. 

      Shanballymore is situated on the banks of the Ri. ver Shannon, 1 mile from Lanesboro', 5 from Roscommon, 8 from Longford, and on it stands a comfortable teresidencend first class range of Offices slated, it commands splendid view the River Shannon and lHands, and is right opposite the Plantation and Demesne of Rathcline ; the Land of First Class Quality, principally all Meadow Land, and only about 10 Acres of Tillage the whole Farm, there is also a First class Brickyard and Tillery on the Farm, the Bricks made on it for and durability cannot be surpassed, and is well worth the attention of capitalists. The Farm is a most profitable investment and most desirable residence for a Gentleman or Farmer, it is principally let in grazing and conacro. Ira* mediate possession can be given together with clear and bona fide assignment of the Lease and interest thereon to the purchaser. For further particulars apply to Mrs. M. Gilhooly, Rockwood, or to SIMON GREENE, Auctioneer and Valuator. Roscommon, 6th August, 1860  [Roscommon Messenger - 11 August 1860]  

      By 1901, Shanballymore was home to only 2 families, both RC, and living in 2-room 2nd class thatch houses, only one of which is still extant (in ruin). Kilnacloghy in 1901, had only one  3-room 2nd class thatch house. So, the gentleman's house advertised at Rockwood (was most likely the northernmost property plantation at Shanballymore recorded in the 1837 OS 6"map) it was certainly no longer extant by 1901. (If it is any consolation, only an out-building of the 1st class house in Gardentown (adjascent) has survived). Rathclyne House, across the water, is still extant.



      My first instinct on he "Rocknew" record was that the "n" may have actually been  mis-read of "vi" if handwritten. Most probably, it was a newspaper typo for Rockwood.

      MARRIED  August 4, 1868, in Lanesborough Church, by the Rev. W. J. Ireland, Vicar of Rathcline, Richard Alex Lynden, of Ballyclare, to Anna Maria, eldest daughter of the late Henry E. McManus, Esq., M.D., of Rocknew, County Roscommon. [Belfast Morning News - 10 August 1868].

      Roscommon Roots has the following church record:

      MARRIED 04-Aug-1868, at RATHCLYNE/CASHEL Church of Ireland:  Richard Lynden of RACKNOON, Killashee, DRAPER (son of John Lynden FARMER) to Anne Mary McManus of BALLYCLARE, Lanesboro; DRAPER; dau. of Henry McManus MEDICAL DOCTOR.

      What's interesting is that "RACKNOON" is not a townland name in the civil parish of Killnashee, but it sounds very like "ROCKNEW". In any event, nothing turning up following either term. 

      Lanesborough, Co. Longford was historically partly in Co. Roscommon and partly in Co Longford (the boundary being the River Shannon at Salisbury Lough) and part of it is in the Parish of Cloontuskert, Barony of Ballintober, where you will also find Rockwood otherwise Shanballymore.​

      BALLYCLARE is a townland just north of Rockwood otherwise Shanballymore. So I think you can be 100% certain of your Rockwood being the Ballyleague-Lanesborough one (and not the other Rockwood in the parish of Athleague). 

      There is a chance you may find a headstone for Henry McManus in the Rathcline parish Church of Ireland cemetery. 

      Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

      Monday 29th October 2018 10:23AM
    • I have been hunting in vain for "Rocknew" for almost ten years. You are amazing. I am more grateful than I can express.


      Tuesday 30th October 2018 06:02AM
    • "DIED  Sarah Moreton (c.1822-1867, spinster) of Lisroyan Strokestown age 45/46 (informant Mrs Moreton Ross of Castledawson, Co. Londonderry)." ... I found a probate record indicating that she was a widow, not a spinster, and that Letters of Administration were granted to Susanna Jane Maria Morton, spinster, also of Lisroyne House. Also a newspaper notice indicating that she was the widow of Thomas Morton of Castlenode ... so I have this attached to Sarah Devenish Morton. :)


      Tuesday 30th October 2018 06:23AM
    • Irish genealogy doesn't have an image for Sarah Moreton's (1822-1867) civil death record online, it says she died age 46.

      On Roscommon Roots there are two records...

      • the Church record says that she died age 45 and was "married" (i.e. not yet a widow) and 
      • the civil record says she died age 46 and was a "Spinster (Previously unmarried) Informant Mrs Moreton Ross of Castledawson, Co. Londonderry"

      I will let you be the judge LOL!


      Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

      Tuesday 30th October 2018 08:17AM
    • I hope this link works:

      I wonder how many Sarah Mortons died in Strokestown that year?? 


      Wednesday 31st October 2018 06:55PM

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