Biography of Oliver Fry (1773–1868) Ireland VIEW SOURCE

Oliver Fry was born on 19th June 1773.

He was the son of Henry Fry and Catherine Mills.

He married Mary Phibbs, daughter of William Harloe Phibbs, on 19 September 1806.

He died on 30 April 1868 at age 94.

He lived at Pembroke House, Blackrock, County Dublin, Ireland

Oliver and Mary had 13 children

  1. Reverend Henry Phibbs Fry : b. 26 Sep 1807, d. 11 Jan 1874 (born at Springfield, Co. Sligo)

  2. Susanna Fry: b. 18 Mar 1809, d. 4 Jun 1809

  3. William Fry: b. 13 Jul 1810, d. 31 Jul 1810

  4. Mary Fry: b. 13 Jan 1812, d. 1893

  5. Eliza Fry: b. 10 Apr 1813, d. 17 Apr 1873

  6. Katherine Fry: b. 7 Apr 1814, d. 1895

  7. Oliver Fry: b. 12 Jun 1815, d. 20 Jul 1815

  8. Susanna Fry b. 3 Dec 1817, d. 5 May 1821

  9. Oliver Fry b. 21 May 1819, d. 1859

  10. Jane Fry b. 5 Oct 1820, d. 31 Aug 1826

  11. William Fry b. 16 Feb 1822

  12. Georgina Ewing Fry b. 27 Apr 1823, d. 1892

  13. Anne Stewart Fry b. 8 Jun 1830, d. 14 Jun 1830

Oliver Fry

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jun 1773 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 2nd Apr 1868 VIEW SOURCE
Associated Building (s) Frybrook House BOYLE  
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Catherine Mills
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Henry Fry of Frybrook (1701-1786) merchant (born in Edenderry)
Townland born Frybrook House, Boyle VIEW SOURCE
Names of Siblings Henry Fry II (1757 - 1847) of FRYBROOK
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Mary Phibbs of Lisconny, Co. Sligo.
Number of Children 16 (9 of whom died in infancy or soon after birth).
Occupation Captain in the Royal Artillery (promoted to Major in retirement)
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  • Captain OLIVER FRY, Royal Artillery aka Major OLIVER FRY (promoted in 1854) 

    Oliver Fry Esq. (1773-1868) Major in the Royal Artillery was commissioned to the RA from the Roscommon Militia in Oct 1794 as 5th Lieutenant. Promoted from 1st Lieutenant to Captain-Lieutenant in 1801.  In 1806, age 33 he married Mary Phibbs (1788-1860) and their first son was born at Springfield in the Parish of Drumcliffe, Sligo in 1807.

    In 1813, he had an address at Fry-Court, Devinish, Athlone, where he was Barrack-master for many years until he transferred to Galway in 1834. By 1844, he was stationed at Limerick Barracks. Promoted from Captain to Major in 1854. There was also family property at Fry-Place in Athlone.

    The Rev. Henry Phibbs Fry (1807-1874) went to Australia*

    In 1837, his third daughter Catherine (1814-1895) married the Rev. Alexander Digby Campbell, died at Leeds, England.

    In 1842, his second son Oliver Fry Esq. (1819-1859) was appointed the Commissioner of Crown Lands in New South Wales. "Mr. Oliver Fry, who has just returned from a visit to his brother*, a Church of England clergyman at Van Dieman's Land". In 1854, Oliver Jr. was also Chief Magistrate of Mounted Police for the Clarence River District when he married Teresa Wilson in Sydney.

    In 1846, his youngest daughter, Georgina Fry (1823-1892)  married the Rev John Garrett of Hull in Galway.

    In 1848 his son William Fry (b.1822) married Bessie White of Abbeyville, Co. Limerick at Ballycahane Church Limerick.

    The Major died in retirement at Blackrock Co. Dublin in 1868. His wife Mary (1788-1860) preceeding him at the same address.

    FUNERAL OF AN AGED OFFICER The late Major Oliver Fry, RA , whose death occurred last week at his residence, Pembroke House, Blackrock, the advanced age of 95, was interred in the family vault at Harold's Cross Cemetery on Tuesday morning.

    He had served in Ireland during the rebellion of 1798 and was appointed subsequently to direct a formation of pontoon bridges. During several years he was well known as barrack-master Athlone, Galway, Limerick and elsewhere, after his retirement on full pay, and from The Royal Artillery.

    His funeral was attended sons, the Rev Dr Fry and William Fry, Esq, of Lower Mount street, Dublin also by his son-in-law, the Rev. Dr Garrett, of Manchester, who performed the funeral service; there was also present Rev. Backer, A Alcock, Shuldham Henry and Denham Smith; with Henry William Alcock, Edward Whitt, J Thornhill. P Phibbs, J Finch, j Byrne, E O'Mara. W. French, John Black, R Hunt. Esqrs; also Dr Armstrong, Capt.  Beechy, and other gentlemen who had known and loved him.

    In consideration of the unostentatious life of Major Fry, his family dispensed with all military honours, which his rank would well have entitled him as the senior officer in her Majesty's service. [We believe Major Fry commenced his military career in the Roscommon Militia and is closely connected with the Frybrook family.]  Roscommon & Leitrim Gazette - 09 May 1868

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Wednesday 10th October 2018 01:14AM
  • See also  "The annals of the late Major Oliver Fry, R.A. .... with some notes as to his descendants" as compiled by his grandson William Harloe Phibbs Fry.

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Wednesday 10th October 2018 01:15AM
  • The photos on this page about Major Oliver Fry may be assumed to be of the Major by readers of this page. However, they are not photos of him. They are the same photos as are posted on the webpage about the Masonic Boys’ School, Dublin (…), which is part of the website ‘Irish Masonic History and the Jewels of Irish Freemasonry’. The date of the photograph of ‘Bro. Oliver Fry, Hon. Secretary, Masonic Orphan Boys’ School’ is stated as 1892 (his clothing also fits with that epoch). 'Bro. Oliver Fry'  looks to be in his forties. Major Oliver Fry died in 1868, at the age of 95. This is not a photograph of the Major. It is more likely to be a photograph of his grandson Oliver, son of Maj. Oliver’s son William Harloe Phibbs Fry. This Oliver Fry was born in 1850 and was a successful merchant in Altadore and Dublin.



    Tuesday 11th August 2020 05:45AM

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