According to my research, Margaret Kane was born on the Northwestern quadrant of Ireland. (The names Keane and Kane are both popular Irish surnames and they come from the same origin.There are also several other variations including Kean, Keene and Keen, Kayne, O'Kane, Cain, O'Cain.) She She had two sons and one daughter with Owen Lavelle between 1830 and 1840. Three of their chldren, Margaret, Peter and Mary, were born in Cross, Co. Mayo and baptized at St. Joseph's, Binghamstown, Co. Mayo. In the 1834 Tythes for Kilmore (the official document that
shows who is paying taxes on the land in Ireland where Owen was living), Owen Lavelle is listed for a place called Cross (Boyd)
(which is next to/really a part of, Cross where he was born). It isstill called Cross (Boyd). In Griffiths Valuation for 1855, Owen Lavelle is listed for Cross (Boyd) but in 1856-57, the only folks listed for Cross (Boyd) in Kilmore are Dennis Bingham, Owen Lavelle and Luke Lyons. They were most likely "granted" this land by theCrown or were leasing it from one of their relatives who had the
grant. Given the known history of the British Bingham, Lyons and Richards families, particularly the Bingham "Exterminator", it is fairly easy to extrapolate what happened to Owen's hold in Cross and why his family was gone by the 1870s -- The Third Earl of Lucan was known as the "Exterminator" because of the ruthless number of evictions he enforced on his estates, burning homes/shacks and sending people away with just the clothes on their backs. The Exterminator died in 1888, so it is very likely that he evicted the Lavelle's which precipitated the move to the USA. According to the various US Census, Owen's son, Peter, arrived in 1870 and was naturalized in 1874. Peter and Ellen Lavelle lived in Leetonia Ohio with 6 of their 11 children, the youngest two then living had been born in Leetonia (several others would be born later in Pennsylvania.) There is no evidence that Owen or Margaret joined them in the states.

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Date of Birth 1st Jan 1815

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