Margaret  Shaughnessy 18371837

Margaret Shaughnessy 1837

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Date of Birth 5th Apr 1837
Date of Death 12th Jan 1917
Townland born In 1861 Margaret stated that she had immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 10 (1847) and had come from Glin of Limerick.


  • I am looking for her parents.  I have verified the info. provided above thru my own research.  Someone on Ancestry stated that her husband, WIlliam Finnegan, was also born in Limerick.  I do not have verification of this.  Margaret and William were married in Jersey City, New Jersey in 1855.  My brick wall is to find more info. on William (born 1834).  I believe he was born in New York but his parents came from Ireland.  Margaret stated in her Widow's Pension applicaton (William was in the Navy before and during the Civil War) that she was born in Glin.


    Saturday 18th July 2020 07:58PM
  • Hello!  Yes, that's exactly where, I think, all of us are stuck.   From Margaret's Civil War widow's pension request, we find much of his service in the U.S. Navy.  While they married in New Jersey, I think they may have met in Boston, spent some time in the NY area where they married (Jersey City) and  had their1st child, John, in "New York" in 1856.  They were in the Boston area in 1860 when daughter Mary was born and William re-inlisted. 

    I've not found anything in Ireland re: Margaret that I can say might be her.  For the Shaughnessy's in Ireland, William and Mary should be their names (2nd son, 1st daughter).  I haven't been serious about searching .  I don't even know how I can search without more information than I have today. 

    Regarding William's Finnegan family - I suspect that the two of them may have used traditional Irish naming conventions indicating that his parents names would be John and Elizabeth )1st son, 2nd daughter).

    Their youngest daughter, Jennie, stated on her 1910 census record that her father was born in Canada.  Now, that being in 1910, and Jennie being only 3 at the time of her father's passing makes this hint very questionable.  Margaret was still alive and living with Jennie in 1910 but I still doubt the information.  Chances are very good that poor living conditions and the times may have diminished 

    I'm happy to share as much info as we've uncovered.  I have a cousin here in St. Louis with me, Sharon, who is sort of starting from scratch researching (questioning everything so that is good), and has hired genealogists for help.  I haven't heard of anything new from that effort.

    I look forward to hearing from you again,

    IrishIs - a.k.a. Cindy


    Sunday 19th July 2020 03:55PM
  • My Great-great grandfather, Richard P. O'Shaughnessy, was born in Glin about 1810.  We belive he used the O' when he lived in Glin.  He married Mary Curtin and had five children before emigrating to the US (Missouri) in about 1859-1860 to work on the Railroads being built west of St. Louis.  He arrived with his three oldest children, Patrick, Jeremiah and Johanna.  We assume (but don't know) that Richard's father's name was Patrick (His oldest son was named Patrick).  His second son, named Jeremiah, was named after wife Mary's father, Jeremiah Curtin.  All lived in the Glin area, specifically Caheragh. Wife Mary Curtin O'Shaughnessy arrived several years later with children, Mary, Bridget and John.

    Presumably Richard had an older brother, named Patrick and there is a "Pat" O'Shaughnessy listed about the same time as Richard in the Griffith's Valuation Records on a small tenant plot. 


    Any information or coaching about locating more information on Richard's parents and/or siblings would be most appreciated. 

    Jane O'Shaughnessy



    Monday 28th December 2020 03:46AM

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