Place of migration
Migrated to/Born in Australia

Martin migrated to Sydney, Australia on the 'Stebonheath' arriving 22/2/1858 and listed as an orphan.

He travelled to Cape Hawke (Forster-Tuncurry) in northern NSW and married Anne Quigley of Chippendale (Sydney) at Cundletown (Taree) on 6/3/1865.   They had nine children,  in order of birth date: Alice, William, John, James, Edward Charles, Mary Ann, Alfred, Catherine, and Magdalen.

Martin was preceded to Sydney by his sister, Catherine Noone (b.1830), who arrived in Sydney on the 'Tippoo Saib' as one of Earl Grey's "Female Orphan Paupers" sent from Boyle Workhouse in 1850.

The parents of Martin and Catherine were John Noone and Mary Egan of Knockglass (Ballinameen & Croghan) who did not survive the Great Famine.

I have attempted to reconstruct their lives and more information can be found on my family history website:

Additional Information
Date of Birth 5th Dec 1835 (circa)
Date of Death 7th Jun 1890 VIEW SOURCE
Associated Building (s) Boyle WORKHOUSE Knockglass TOWNLAND Ballinameen RC Chapel  
Father (First Name/s and Surname) John Noon
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Mary Egan (Sullivan?)
Townland born Knockglass (near Ballinameen) Civil Parish of Kilcolagh
Place & Date of Baptism 1835 RC Parish of Croghan & Ballinameen
Names of Siblings Catherine Noon (b.1830) emigrated to Sydney in 1850
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Anne Quigley of Chippendale (Sydney)
Place & Date of Marriage Cundletown (Taree) on 6/3/1865.
Names of Children Alice, William, John, James, Edward Charles, Mary Ann, Alfred, Catherine, and Magdalen.
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  • I am related to the Noones. 2nd cousin. I was born in a village 3 miles from Ballinameen & the Noones were our neighbours.( 6 mins walk )That particular family are all alive today. ranging from appx 78 years to appx 68. ( 4 girls & 2 boys (twins) 4 live in Ireland & 2 in the UK. All are married with children & grandchildren. In my opinion they are possibly the only Noone family in Roscommon today. However the townlands you have listed are all within 10mins to 20 drive from our village. OUR PARISH church is Ballinameen, & in the 1950's /60's we were all pupils in Ballinameen. The church & school are still in use. Both places my parents & grandparents attended. OUR grandparents & most definitely our g.g parents would have been buried in Croghan cemetery. We were all listed under the Elphin diocese . & our Ballinameen census would have been listed under Kilmacumskey . I am prepared to make contact on your behalf providing you are interested to follow this further. I am in contact with a Noone lady regularly & its my believe that they would be equally as excited as myself . They have a massive family on their mothers side , but I never recall a Noone making contact outside Ireland. I live near Windsor in the Uk , & I am in regular contact with many of our family. Hope this is of interest to you. It would be lovely if we can take this forward for all. A very exciting day here today.... Prince Harry's Wedding.

    Una Shannon Mallia001

    Saturday 19th May 2018 09:46PM
  • Hi Umallia,

    These will be the Noones I met when I visited Croghan over 20 years ago.   They were lovely people and incredibly hospitable to a supposed long-lost relative who unexpectedly showed up at their door.    From memory, the father had a hobby making clocks and the family operated a school bus service.

    I received a fortuitous contact about 6 months ago from an XO contributor, Rua McDiarmid, who has been researching the Croghan district for 20 years and who generously gave of her time and expertise to contribute so much towards details of DOB's and places.  She also, very kindly, posted the site we are on now. 

     I believe I have covered the Australian send reasonably well.   You don't say whether you have come across my family history website:   This has a lot of detail about Martin's eventful voyage out on the Stebonheath in 1858.

    More recently Rua has discovered that, in the 1850"s, a significant number of men were transferred from the Boyle Workhouse to the new one in Strokestown.   I am currently trying to follow up on this as there may still be records extant for this period.

    It is interesting that there may only be one Noone family remaining in Roscommon and that was the also case here until more recently.   This simplified my early research as I was virtually able to latch onto any Noone that I came across and claim him/her as family.   There are now over a 100 Noones listed in the telephone directory (and many are not listed) out of a total population of nearly 25 million.

    Please keep in contact and pass on my very best wishes and thanks to the Noones of Croghan of whom I have fond memories.   I there the remotest chance that 


    Sunday 20th May 2018 12:48AM
  • Sorry, something got cut off!    Is there the remotest chance that anyone has photos from those times?


    Monday 21st May 2018 05:23AM
  • I am also related to the Noone's, who lived in Tartan, farms 28 & 29. I am a direct descendant of Michael Noone DOB 1823 (Bridget Elwood). His father was James Noone (Anna Morris), and his father was Patt Noon (Anne Kelly). Thomas Noone, a son of James Noone worked one farm #28 and Patrick Noone, his brother worked the next farm #29 with his wife Anna Beatty. Patrick and Anna had a daughter Anna who married a John Harrington a few farms away. I will be visiting these locations in June of this year 2019 and if anyone is interested in guiding me through the properties, it certainly would be appreciated. Blake Noon, Long Sault ON. Canada. Email:




    Monday 29th April 2019 06:04PM