Mary  Ann Morris1819

Mary Ann Morris 1819

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Mary Ann [unknown maiden name as of 2022] was born about 1819 in what is now Northern Ireland. Her father and mother were unknown as of 2022. A Hugh Rogan was listed before her on the ship manifest. No relationship was discovered as of 2022. She was not a daughter of Patrick Rogan. That Mary Ann married a Mr Rooney.

It was calculated in 2022 that Mary Ann and her probable husband, Samuel Morris, married, about 1843. Their son, Alexander, was born about 1844.

In 1851 Mary Ann emigrated to Philadelphia. Her surname, likely her married name, was recorded: Maurice.
Mary Ann had with her two children. There was a boy, Alexander, born in 1844, and a daughter, Mary Jane, born in 1845. The year the family emigrated was in 1851.

Mary Ann Morris probably died somewhere in the USA before 1860, because she was not reported in Census 1860.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1819 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 1st Jan 1852 (circa) VIEW SOURCE


  • Alternatively, she was absent from the household in 1860 when the report was taken in Wisconsin. A Pension Index Card for a Samuel Morris reported that his widow, Mary, was no longer the holder of his Pension on June 7, 1915. On that date a different Mary, perhaps her daughter, filed for Samuel's Pension. It is calculated that Mary Ann Morris may, therefore, have died before June 7, 1915 or about January 1915.


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