Place of migration
Migrated to/Born in Australia

BIRTH: Mary Clancy was born about 1821, the child of Peggy Ryan and Mike Clancy who married in Newport Tipperary in 1817. I can find no baptism certificate so not sure of her place of birth.

IMMIGRATION:  Mary Clancy lived in Clare in 1841. The records on her assissted passage say that she worked as a house maid in the town of Killaloe County Clare. Mary arrived in Sydney NSW Australia by Assisted Passage on The United Kingdom on 7 Sept 1841. On her immigration papers Mary named both of her parents as deceased. Mary was under the protection of John & Bridget Clancy on the ship. Their relationship is unclear but they were related in some way. Bridgets maiden name was Ryan as was Mary's mother (Peggy Ryan) deceased by that time. Bridget was probably Micheal Ryans sister so Mary's aunt.

MARRIAGE: Mary met and married British convict John Jackson in Braidwood NSW on November 2, 1844, when she was 23 years old. They married by Banns in the Church of England in the Parish of Braidwood, in the county of St Vincent by Minister James Allan by permission of The Governor (convicts needed permission to marry) Witnesses W Limford of Balallaba E McGiffick of Nithsdale.They were in Majors Creek NSW near Braidwood, New South Wales.

RESIDENCE? It is not clear whether Mary went straight to Majors Creek after she landed in Sydney because census papers for two time periods were lost by the NSW government. Her husband was still a convict when they married - on a 'ticket of leave'. He was transported for 13 years to the colony of NSW for 'street stealing' from York, England.

LAND OWNERS: Mary and John were able to purchase a farm that is still held by the Jackson family to this day. 

CHILDREN: Mary and John had 8 children - all surviving into adulthood. Their daughter Sarah Jackson was my great great grandmother and her daughter also named Mary my great-grandmother who I never met. Vera Carriage her daughter, was my grandmother whose love I knew until she died at the age of 96. Sarah Jackson was an 'unwed' mother, who disapeared when her daughter Mary was 3 and was never seen nor heard of again. All my efforts have been unable to find what happened to her.

DEATH: Mary Clancy died on 15 October 1908 in Braidwood, New South Wales, when she was 87 years old. She is buried in an unmarked grave in the tiny cemetary at Majors Creek NSW in the Catholic section. Her husband is buried near her also in an unmarked grave. The graves were probably originally marked with wooden crosses, but only the wealthy were able to add stone monuments at a later date. She died on October 15, 1908, in Braidwood. She lived a long life of 87 years. Mary was born Roman Catholic and married in her husbands faith, but I am glad to know he was buried in hers - by her side. Her husband John passed away in 1878 in Long Flat, New South Wales, Australia, at the age of 68. They had been married 34 years.



Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 2021 (circa)
Date of Death 15th Oct 1908
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Mike Clancy
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Peggy Ryan
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) John Jackson
Place & Date of Marriage Braidwood NSW on November 2, 1844
Names of Children 8
Names of Children Sarah Jackson
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