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Mary McDermott (1849–1902) and Patrick Barry (1838-1899) of Cloonfinlough (south-east Strokestown) were the only McDermott-Barry couple baptising in Co. Roscommon during the period 1850-70. The lived at farm #5 in the townland of Cloonfinlough.

McDermott-Barry children:

Bríd Treasa       29 Jan 1855(1861) wit. Honoria McD wed 1885
John (Jane)  29-Jan-1855   James & Julia McDermott

Patrick      08-Aug-1858   Thomas Roden & Joan McDermott

Diarmuid  (Jeremiah aka Darby)   1864/59

Máire Á.  (Marian)     24-Jul-1864 cv  wit Brid m1892 & Kate McD m1894

Michael      gp for Pat 1898

Kathleen      gp for Pat 1898 inf. 1901

This Barry family were closely related to the McDermotts of Cloonybrennan (through marriage). They invited Julia McDermott of Cloonybrennan to godparent in 1855.  Julia was Mary's sister. (Julia's husband was John-Bryan McDermott of Cloonybrennan).

Their daughters, would later to witness the marriages of their Cloonybrennan first cousins; Marian Barry witnessed the marriage of Kate (nee McDermott) Donaghy of Cloonybrennan; Brigid Teresa Barry witnessed the wedding of Honoria (née McDermott) Kennedy of Tansyfield.

On 18-Nov-1899, Patrick Barry died age 61, Cloonfinlough, farmer. married Inf. Darby (Mary was widowed age 50).

On 6 March 1902, Mary McDermott Barry died, age 53. Informant: Patrick Barry of Mount Delvin (present at death). 

Their son, Dermott Barry aka Darby (1863-1949) married Ellen Flynn of Culleenaghamore (Kilglass South) on 14 Feb 1895. They raised a large family at his homefarm in Cloonfinlough. On Jan 15 1949, Dermott, a widower, died age 85. His son, Patrick Barry (1896-1965) present at his death, inherited the Cloonfinlough family farm.

Dermott's eldest brother, Patrick Barry Jr (b.1858) became a primary schoolteacher and worked in Ballinlough National School, where he met his wife, Anne Fitzgerald (also a teacher) and raised a family in Mount Delvin until his mother died in 1902.

Dermott's eldest sister, Brigid Barry (b.1855) married James TULLY, a shepherd, on 21 Jan 1892 and raised a family in Lismageevogue (Creeve) along with her brother, Pat Jr’s, 3 youngest kids.



Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1849 (circa)
Date of Death 6th Mar 1902


  • Hi!

    I think we may have family connections not necessarily blood related. 
    My heritage is from Cloonboyoge (st. Mary’s Well). About a 15 min drive away from Cloonfinlough. 
    My great great grandfather John Monaghan was born there along with siblings. In old baptismal records there is a Mary Barry married to a Thomas Monaghan also a Sarah McDermott who was a baptismal witness to a Catherine Monahan in 1839. 
    would be interested in connecting and learning more. 

    Sean Monahan


    Sunday 18th September 2022 10:10PM

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