Mary Walsh 1844


Mary (maiden name Comer) Walsh lived in Cloughbrach to the age of 100.

One of Mary's daughters who emigrated to Boston, MA. U.S. was Nora Walsh who married Thomas Shields. Upon her death at a young age, Nora's husband sent two of her young children (Katherine Shields and Thomas Shields) to Ireland to live with Walsh relatives in the area. Both Katherine and Tommy eventual returned to Boston together.

In 1947 or 1948, Tommy Shields launched a radio broadcast from Boston that was titled "The Irish Hour." The show was the longest-running U.S. radio program devoted to all things Irish - including music, sport and news from Ireland.  The show was broadcast throughout the East Coast of the U.S. 

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1844  
Date of Death 1943  


  • The only fitting death record I can find for her is is Allendara (Alleendarra), Woodford, Galway and not in Cloonbur. I tend to think this is the correct one. What do others think?


    Friday 6th April 2018, 07:38PM
  • I am FOREVER looking to research my great-great grandfather, EDWARD JOHN WALSH, in Ireland.  All I really know of him is that he was from County Cork and immigrated to the States around 1847 to have a son born there in Wisconsin (also, an Edward John Walsh) in about 1847.  I can track the Walsh branch in the States but with a surname name like my gggrandfather’s he has been VERY difficult to pinpoint in Ireland at that time!


    Any help you could suggest certainly would be appreciated!!



    Richard Pattison

     Tinahely, County Wicklow


    Sunday 3rd June 2018, 05:13AM
  • Bob- apologies for not responding sooner.  I missed your reply to my post.  Do you think this record which you shared pertains to the Mary Comer in your Clonbur families tree?  I just took a look at that and noticed that you do not show Mary Comer as being married to a Walsh.  I know that Mary Comer Walsh had one son (Martin) who never married, but I don't really know any details about other sons who could be married to an Ellen - noted in this document. - Kerry





    Sunday 3rd June 2018, 05:11PM

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