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An excerpt from a letter my father wrote to his sister regarding his father in Ahascragh:

At the height of the Troubles, Dad was stationed at Ahascarragh // Ballinasloe for six years. He was, had a detachment of Tams. One Saturday night they were cut off at the local Pub as they were drunk. They returned to the detachment and drew weapons. Dad`s personality and Force prevented returning to the Pub where they planned to kill the man.​
On being Posted to Dublin Castle in 1921 he was given a parchment of thanks for his services to the community of Ahascarragh. He was also given a £200 Gift from these people. regulation forbid any acceptance of Money in the Force. Dad gave the money to a Constable who was dying from consumption and his family. 

Upon leaving Ahascragh
To Sergeant M. Carberry, R.I.C.

Dear Sergeant Carberry

Representing your numerous friends and well-wishers here, we have much pleasure in sending you the accompanying presentation which has been subscribed by the people of Ahascragh who while deeply regretting your departure rejoice in your preferment. 

During a stay of over four years amongst us while discharging your duties with the highest efficiency, you have always acted with the utmost tact, courtesy and tender feeling. Your ready sympathy and generous aid for everyone in need will always evoke among those who know you an admiration and warm affection which will last as long as life itself.

We wish Mrs. Carberry, the children and self every happiness that comes from good consciences, charitable dispositions and loving hearts.

Patrick J. Shanagher P.P (Parish Priest)
Arthur Cornelius Callaghan (Doctor)
John Sweeney (Merchant)
John Keane (School Master)

Additional Information
Date of Birth 12th Feb 1883

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