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Date of Birth 1st Jan 1820 (circa)


  • The birth records commenced in Nov 1839 for Kiltullagh Parish.

    There are a few Marriage records for 1821 - 1829 at the following link


    I notice a marriage of a Patrick Waldron to a Catherine Waldron on the 3rd page.


    Thursday 17th March 2022 10:38PM
  • Martin,  Thanks for the link. 

    I have no way to know if they pertain to my Waldron's.  My Michael I am assuming was born around 1820 only because his first born is 1842.  He could be older or younger.  The given names I have come across do not include Patrick or Catherine to date.  The surnames found in these marriages are ones I find in my dna matches and research.  Grady, Jennings, Moran, Kirrane, Prendergast, Lyons, Burke and Canny which is of particular interest to me.


    Karen Waldron

    Thursday 17th March 2022 10:54PM
  • Hi Karen,

    Where was his first child born? Was it Ireland or elsewhere.

    If married in the UK his marriage record would mention his father's name.

    While all of the surnames you mention are familiar in Kiltullagh Parish, how were you able to determine Kiltullagh was his parish of origin.

    I am just looking for some extra clues to assist you in your research.





    Thursday 17th March 2022 11:13PM
  • Hi Martin.  

    All of Michael's children were born in Ireland.  I have found 4 baptisms for Austin/Andrew (my great grandfather 1841) Mary (1843), Thomas (1846) and Martin (1850).  All found on NLI via findmypast.  Mother Mary Carney/Canny/Kearney.  

    "Austin Waldron baptized August 30, 1841. Parents Michael Waldron and Mary Carney. Sponsors John Waldron and Bridget Carney. Townland Gorteennacammadil."


    Karen Waldron

    Thursday 17th March 2022 11:28PM

    The records originated from the Microfilm of the church baptismal books which can be viewed in the NLI (National Library of Ireland under Parish registers:


    See here Page 58 RHS for Priests record of baptism of Thomas Waldron on 8 Nov 1847 ( This priest noted the mother's name as Keherney?)


    Page 38 has her name as Carney

    The priest may have been putting an Irish or Latin version to the surname but I am not sure. There were no Keherney Surnames mentioned in the 1901 or 1911 Census Records.

    Austin may not have been the first child to this couple. The Baptismal and Marriasge records commenced in Nov 1839. There is no Marriage record indicating they were possibly married prior to 1839. 





    Friday 18th March 2022 01:01AM
  • Hi Martin.

    I have looked for a long while for a marriage record, and you are correct in that there is nothing found.  That said, it is possible that they were married elsewhere. the other thing is a relative that did a good deal of research thought Mary Carney could also have been Mary Canny.  He has passed so I don't know why he thought that.  I do have possible 2nd/3rd dna connections named Canny in Ireland, but they are not interested in helping with research.  It is a brick wall that their help could break.  :(

    I am connecting via dna with a good number of folks from Co Galway.  Which makes sense given that Kiltullagh is close to Galway and Mayo borders.  Family lore had our Waldrons from Ballyhaunis, but my dna connections with Mayo are far enough back that it would have been mid to late 1700s in that area.  I have 4th/5th cousins from a Michael Waldron and Mary Grady from Athleague and Fuerty.    This Michael Waldron (gravestone in Iowa) says born 1798, with Athleague and Fuerty on it as well.  I suspect that that Michael may have been a brother to the Father of my Michael.  Possibly named Thomas.  No way yet to confirm that.  

    Iowa Michael emigrated prior to 1855.  His sons were James, Martin (found in my family tree) John and Peter but no Thomas, though there are large age gaps.  All of this info comes from family trees from the descendants of this Michael, they have not confirmed via NLI or other sources. 

    Karen Waldron

    Friday 18th March 2022 05:09PM
  • This thread is potentially very interesting to me. My g-g-grandfather was Michael Waldron and from similar logic (married 1843, first child 1845) was probably born around 1820. But he married Catherine Ronan (Ronayne) in Dunmore Parish, a few miles away in Co. Galway. His first 2 children were born there, but the younger ones (including my g-grandmother) were born in Culkeen, right on the edge of Kiltullagh Parish.  

    I have a possible birth for him in 1819 - parents Jno Waldron and Saragh Noone, sponsor Mary Murray but have no way of knowing if this is correct. 

    I have no Austin Waldron in my tree but Mary, Thomas and Martin I do have among the children of Michael and Catherine and I could easily have missed a first child. 

    I am confused by the email I received from Irelandxo with the short biography, which is what drew me here. Are these just 'illustrative events' that occurred during his lifetime, or is there any real connection to him? If he was born in 1820, it seems strange for him to be applying for a freehold in 1829.

    Presumably this thread was started by Karen and is based on the information given above. 


    Bill O'Neill




    Friday 18th March 2022 05:37PM
  • Hello Bill.

    I'm not sure what short bio xo sent to you?  I did put my Michael Waldron in the ancestors section for Kiltullagh.  Is it from there?

    Have you done a dna test?  Gedmatch number?  I have found O'Neill in my research, but supposed it was from my Cork line not this one.  But I do not know for sure.

    Karen Waldron

    Karen Waldron

    Friday 18th March 2022 07:05PM
  • The Baptism records for the EParish of Dunmore commenced in 1833. Some families kept records in their private bibles. 

    Here are three of the earliest lists of landholders

    Flax Growers 1796, Tythes applotments 1832 and Griffiths 1856…

    I have checked the Graveyards in Kiltullagh Parish and there are no early ones with inscriptions for the surname Waldron.

    There were also records of landholders from 1856 updated every 10-15 years giving the name of the new landholder if there was a new one.

    These can be ordered at the following link.

    If you were to follow these from the Michael Waldron in 1856 to today you would know who is the current holder of the plot of land and they may be aware of a story of the family history going back.

    The Cloonfad Magazine published annually in December may have some usefull information. They also welcome stories from families from the locality. To enter a story may help make new connections. The following is a link to the 2007 issue.


    Ref Page 21 RHS & Page 39 LHS to verify handwriting of priest to see if you think the surname noted is Canny or Carney.

    Generally, the original Gaelic form of the name Carney is said to be O Cearnaigh, from the word "cearnach," which means "victorious." However, in some instances, especially the roots of the present day spelling of Kearney, the surname derives from the Gaelic "O Catharnaigh," meaning "warlike."

    Did you find the Death Cert for Austin. It may hold details of his parents. What state did he reside in?

    In the townland of Gurteenacammadil there were records for the following Waldron familyies:

    Martin 1841 Sibby 1842 & Honor 1845 to Patrick Waldron & Mary Concannon

    Patrick 1842 Catherine 1844 Thomas 1848 & Bridget 1851 to Thomas Waldron & Catherine Kirrane

    Patrick 1876 & James 1878 to Thomas Waldron & Mary Meehan

    There was a Thomas Waldron in Gorteenacommadil in 1901 age 55. However two Thomas Waldron's were born in 1846 so one may need to check the Cancelled land valuations to see which one.…

    If you check the marriage records for Dunmore Parish and Annagh Parish for 1820's you may find the marriage of Michael and Mary. I am not aware that anyone has documented these marriages. Link given already. A number of Parishes in Mayo Galway & Roscommon are on this microfilm.

    You may have got to a stage in your research like many of us and many have not got this far back where further records were not recorded. The land commission have some records that were gathered prior to the Griffiths in 1856 but these have not been released to the public. It could take years to microfilm them and at quiet a cost. We do not know how much information they contain, but it is a glimmer of hope for genealogists. The records for Kiltullagh Parish commenced earlier that many parishes and in general the writing of the various priests was easier to read than many in other parishes which gave us good records to depend upon.



    Friday 18th March 2022 08:35PM
  • Dear Karen,

    the ‘short biography’ was sent to me as part of a regular XO mailing. As I have participated in the Kiltullagh notice boards before I get ‘pinged’ whenever anyone enters new stuff. It was not really a biog. It was 3 events that occurred during Michael’s lifetime. Whether they were relevant to him is another matter. I am not sure that this is going to help us.

    But if there is more information then I am definitely interested  and I am happy to share with you any information that I have. As it is not my main tree it is not linked to my ‘DNA’.

    Yes, I do have data on Gedmatch,  I am A504866 but to be honest I do not look at it very often. I concentrate mainly on Ancestry, whose customer base is about 20 times the size of Gedmatch and I find I get my best results here.

    I have DNA on Ancestry and some private trees there, one of which is dedicated to the Waldrons. I am happy to send you a link to it but not to publish it here in an open forum.

    I noted that the names of some of Michael’s children that you have in your tree agree with some of mine, but I have no Austin.

    Your Austin (1841) predates what I think of as Michael’s oldest child by 2 years. I will look in Dunmore and Culkeen, but do you know the Parish / Townland where your Austin was born? This might save a lot of time.

    More problematically, I have Michael’s wife as Catherine Ronan or Ronayne.

    Finally, I think it unlikely that were are related through the O’Neill’s. My mother’s family all come from West Roscommon, where it meets Mayo and Galway.

    My father’s family are the O’Neill’s and I have researched them back to around 1800 – and all claim at least, to have been born in London! This is my stonewall!



    Thursday 24th March 2022 05:59PM
  • Hi Bill.

    Austin/Andrew is definitely of Michael Waldron and Mary Carney.  Sponsors John Waldron and Bridget Carney.  Tuam/Kiltullagh/Gorteenacammadil townland.  From parish registers found on find my past.

    I did check on Gedmatch and you don't match any of my kits and I didn't find any kits of interest that we both match.  

    And I would be curious to see your waldron tree but not sure how we can share a link?



    Karen Waldron

    Friday 25th March 2022 04:00AM
  • Hello Martin.

    Thanks for all of that information.  The links are quite interesting and some I hadn't seen before.

    Austin/Andrew emigrated to the US in 1860 and married my great grandmother in 1872ish.  My grandfather was born 1873 in New York City.  The names of Austins parents were on the marriage banns.



    Karen Waldron

    Friday 25th March 2022 04:26AM
  • My Great grandmother was Bridget Kirawn/Kirrane. 1833 -1880?) She married my great grandfarther  Patrick Geraghty (1932- 1897) They were from Gorteen/Gurcheen Clonnfad. 

    They had Mary Hunt (nee Geraghty) 1854-1920. Catherine Geraghty c1889 ( not trace

    Thomas Geraghty (1867-1953), my Gandfatherwho came to England where i still live.

    Please feel free to contact me if this is of any interest as I had done a lot of research in this immediate area over the years.





    Nick Geraghty

    Tuesday 31st May 2022 10:45AM
  • Hello Nick.

    I do have Kirrane in my dna matches, and see Kirwin/Kerwin in my research. Do you have a gedmatch number?


    Karen Waldron

    Friday 3rd June 2022 05:33PM
  • Hi Karen,

    Sorry I don't have a gedmatch.


    All my research was done over a 30+ years research & many visits to Ireland, culminating a reunion back in 1995.


    I subsequently compiled all my findings about the Geraghty's from Gorteenacammdil, Gurcheen & Spring Gardens into a book which I gave to my immediate family for them to be aware of our heritage. This includes all the Clan history too together with the ancestral homelands.


    I was aware that most of my grandfathers nephews & neices emigrated to Chicago in the 1920/30's so I published it on Amazon as otherwise is would have been expensive to print & post abroad. 


    I've since taken up Irish Citizenship.


    Please feel free to keep in touch if you wish





    IrelandXO Moderator DC

    Monday 6th June 2022 10:01AM

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