PÁDRAIG BAIRÉAD aka PATRICK BARRETT SR. born circa 1771 was probably the second eldest son of Matthew Barrett (1749-1815), a substantial grazier in the parish of Croghan, Co Roscommon, Ireland.

Patrick married Sabina Lannon circa 1793 when he would have been about 22 years old. They would have had approximately eight children over the course 14 years, but only the following are known:

Anne Barrett (c1807-1880) married Hugh Boyd; res BALLINVILLA

Matthew Joseph Barrett (c1809-c1870) married Susan Kelty res BALLINVILLA> emigrated USA

Patrick Barrett Jr. (1812-1863) of Ballinvilla; married Mary Moraghan; res BALLINVILLA

Michael Barrett  (1814-?) of Ballinvilla; married Elizabeth Dignan; res BALLINVILLA

Mary Barrett  (1815-1905) of Ballinvilla; married Daniel Collins; res BALLINVILLA

John Barrett  (1816-1886) of Ballinvilla; married Mary Dowd of Ryefield (1818-1865); res BALLINVILLA

Elizabeth Barrett (c.1816) godparented in Ballinvilla in 1834 and 1849

Brigid Barrett (c.1817) godparented in Ballinvilla in 1850


It is for this "Sabina" that generations of Sabina Barretts have since been christened.  In all probabilty she was actually Saidhbhín [SI-veen], Sabina being the Latin recorded by the priest at baptism. In fact, any Sabina Barrett originating from the parish of Croghan, Co Roscomon can be confidently linked to this Ballinvilla couple.


By 1815 Patrick & Sabina was residing in the townland of Ballinvilla [RCR].   According to family lore he owned all of Ballinvilla, however in truth this land was owned by the Caddells of Harborstown, Co Meath. Patrick probably held the lease for the full 406 acres of Ballinvilla townland (and possibly Drumerr as well, if not more).

On 26 Jan 1819, "Drumerr-Ballinvilly" was among a number of townlands advertised by Richard O'Farrell Caddell TO LET for "One life or 31 years" in the Dublin Evening Post .

One would expect Patrick Barrett to appear on the 1829 Freeholder's list for Co. Roscommon, but he does not (while poorer neighbors, in Canbo, do). 


As the family story goes, he sub-divided Ballinvilla equally among his sons and sons-in laws, and this is how the "Boyd" name came in to Ballinvilla (i.e. through marriage). By the time of the Tithe Applotment Records of 1842, only his sons (and sons-in-law)  are listed in Ballinvilla. 

Patrick probably died in 1829 in Boyle, Roscommon, at the age of 58.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1771 (circa)
Date of Death 1st Jan 1829 (circa)
Associated Building (s) Ballinvilla townland  
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Brigid Grelish
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Matthew Barrett (1749-1815) of Ballinvilla / Finnor
Names of Siblings John Barrett Esq. (1790-1844) of Finnor House VIEW SOURCE
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Saidhbhín Ní Leannáin aka Sabina Lannon
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