Patrick Beirne1870

Patrick Beirne 1870

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I'm looking for information about my great-great grandfather.  

He emigrated to the US in 1891 (Chicago) and had three children, Mary, Edward and Julia (b1899).  

I believe his parents were John Burns / Beirne and Anna Feeley / Fehily.  

My great-grandmother, Julia Burns, was told by her parents that they were from Kilgefin, Roscommon. An entry in the Baptism records show a Patrick Burns born to John Beirne and Anna Fihily in March 1872, at Waterloo.  I am grateful for any help in finding records on these ancestors.  I also have a tree with DNA at (jca1966).


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1870 (circa)
Date of Death 1st Mar 1926
Father (First Name/s and Surname) John Beirne
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Anna Fihily
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Anna Byrne
Names of Children Mary, Edward and Julia
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  • Hi Julia,

    My Grandmother is Julia Burns and her father Patrick Burns from Roscommon.  Can't be the same one but I wonder if ours share a common ancestor.  Is you DNA anywhere?  Mine is on gedmatch, Ancestry, 23&me, FTDNA.  email is



    Monday 7th January 2019 02:55PM
  • Hi, Maura. I believe we know each other from Narrogin, if you're the same Maura O'C. I will email you privately, so if I have the wrong Maura please accept my apology in advance and let me know so I can desist.

    Julia and Maura, regarding the Burns/Byrne/Beirne connection above, my husband Mike had a Burns ancestor also who married a Fermanagh man in Western Australia in 1861, but that is a family line I have yet to pursue so I won't add any detail here at the moment, or suggest exploring possible common ancestors, until I check sources to verify what we think we "know" about our Mary Burns or her parents. Regards from Chris Timoney, Western Australia

    ctimoney australia

    Monday 7th January 2019 11:40PM
  • Hi

    I have a 3rd great aunt by marriage, Mary Beirne, born in Elphin, Roscommon in approx 1850 (Elphin falls under Kilgefin)
    Townland: Cartron or Old Glebe
    Catholic Parish: Kilgefin
    Civil Parish: Kilgefin
    Catholic Diocese: Elphin.

    Mary emigrated to Sydney, Australia in 1866 and married my 3rd great uncle, James Mangan in 1867.
    Mary's parents are listed on their marriage record as John Beirne and Ellen nee Sweeney.
    Mary and James Mangan had 7 known children.
    Mary died in 1920.

    I'm wondering if Mary may have been an aunt or older cousin of your Patrick.
    Michelle, Australia



    Tuesday 8th January 2019 09:59PM
  • Hi Michelle,

    That could very well be because I found a Patrick Beirne with George Beirne as father in Cartron with the correct dates.  Is your husband's DNA anywhere so I could see if I or any of my brothers of cousins match him?

    Thanks for posting that!





    Wednesday 9th January 2019 12:22AM
  • Hi Maura
    Mary Beirne married into one of my maternal branches..(my 3rd great uncle)
    I know of maybe two descendants of hers who have done their DNA.. At least one is on Gedmatch. I'll send his gedmatch number to your above listed email address..
    Hopefully the connection isnt too far back to have diluted too much




    Friday 11th January 2019 12:37PM
  • Good day:)

    I'm looking for birthdate, parents of a Mary O'Beirne who was born ca 1855 possibly in Sligo, or Roscommon.

    She married Frederick Grote in NYC area  in 1870's or 80's.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated:)



    Friday 1st March 2019 10:20PM

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