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Patrick DUFFY Sr., son of Patrick Mor DUFFY (1755-1833) and Mary DAWSON (1771-1854), was born on 17 September 1786 in Cladrey, Sligo, Ireland.1 Note: Patrick's place and date of birth are taken from his military records. Calry is a civil parish which includes the eastern part of the town of Sligo, in County Sligo, Ireland. On 17 August 1805 Patrick was a Soldier and Policeman in Sligo, Ireland. Source: Hornsby Shire Historical Society (comp). Pioneers of Hornsby Shire, 1788-1906 : a history / compiled by the Research Committee of the Hornsby Shire Historical Society. Sydney: Library of Australian History, 1979

Source: Spurway, John, ed. Australian Biographical and Genealogical Record. Series 1, 1788-1841, with series 2 supplement, 1842-1899. Sydney: A.B.G.R., 1992

Patrick was a labourer until he enlisted in the British Army 3rd Regiment of Foot (known as the Buffs) for unlimited service at Sligo on 14 Sep 1805, aged 19. He served as a private for 5 years, 203 days, as a Corporal for 6 years 37 days, and as a Sergeant for 10 years 197 days.

After his enlistment, Patrick went to the Isle of Wight and then to Bexhill, Sussex where he joined the 1st Battalion of the Buffs on 17 Mar 1806. The regiment then marched to Liverpool and crossed to Dublin early in 1807.

Private Duffy was granted forulough and rejoined his unit early in March and was reportedly posted to the Grenadier Company. The company then marched to Cork and embarked on transports on 22 Sep 1807 and remained on board until the ships departed in December for Madiera, where they landed on Christmas Eve. After some action, the Grenadier Company departed Spain for England in mid Jan 1809. Patrick married Bridget CONLAN in 1810 in Sligo. He died on 11 April 1854 in Petrie Terrace Baptist Church, Hale Street, Paddington, Queensland. He was buried on 13 April 1854 in St Patricks Roman Catholic Cemetery.

Bridget CONLAN (also known as Bridget CONNOLLY), daughter of John CONLAN ( - ) and Mary CONLAN ( - ), was born in 1787 in Ireland. In 1817 she lived in Middlesex, England. She died on 18 February 1854 in Petrie Terrace Baptist Church. She was buried on 13 April 1854 in St Patricks Roman Catholic Cemetery.  She and Patrick DUFFY had the following children:

Jane DUFFY (1809-1809).   Jane was born in 1809 in Salehurst, Sussex, England. She died in 1809 in Salehurst.

William Lawrence DUFFY (c. 1811-1885).   William was born circa 1811 in Portugal. He was a Watchman. He married Margaret STANTON in 1840 in Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia. He died on 6 July 1885 in Redfern, Sydney, New South Wales. He was buried on 8 July 1885 in Rookwood Cemetery. His Fact 1 was 'Born in Ireland or Spain'.

Peter Joseph DUFFY (1815-1878).   Peter was born on 28 November 1815. He married Margaret FOUNTAIN on 14 June 1836 in St. Mary Cathedral, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. He died on 8 November 1878 in Ultimo, New South Wales. He was buried in 1878 in Rookwood Cemetery.

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Peter's Fact 1 was 'Born in Canada'.

John Francis DUFFY (1817-1894).   John was born in 1817 in Ireland or France. He emigrated from Ireland to Sydney, New South Wales, Australia in 1822. Free settler on the ship "Eliza". John married Charlotte Mary Ann SCOTT on 20 April 1840 in St Patrick's, Parramatta, New South Wales. He died on 16 July 1894 in New South Wales, Australia. He was buried on 17 July 1894 in Gore Hill Cemetary.

Esther DUFFY (1823-1841).   Esther was born on 2 May 1823 in Sydney. She died on 4 July 1841 in South Colah, New South Wales, Australia. She was buried in St Patricks Roman Catholic Cemetery. Her Fact 1 was 'Frist born in Australia'. She  married Fischer.

Patrick Michael DUFFY (1825-1897).   Patrick was born on 20 February 1825. He married Agnes R COGERLY on 9 October 1855 in St. Marys Church, Sydney, New South Wales. He died on 12 June 1897 in St Leonards, New South Wales, Australia. His Fact 1 was 'Born in Hobart-town Tasmania'.

Catherine Theresa DUFFY (1827-1865).   Catherine was born on 8 April 1827 in Sydney. She married Samuel WARBURTON on 29 August 1854 in New South Wales. She died in 1865 in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.

Elizabeth DUFFY (1828-1880).   Elizabeth was born on 8 December 1828 in Parramatta. Born in the suburb of Thornleigh. Elizabeth was Roman Catholic. She married John STANTON in 1846 in St Patrick's. New South Wales Marriages 1788-1945 Transcription

Volume reference V1846466 94. Elizabeth died on 26 August 1880 in South Colah. She is buried with her parents (Patrick Duffy and Bridget Conlan).  Her name was added to the bottom of their tombstone (see photo curated by PGH, copyright Hornsby Shire Council).

Mary Anne DUFFY (1830-1864).   Mary was born in 1830. She died in 1864 in Parramatta. Her Fact 1 was 'Born in Thornleigh N.S.W.'. She  married William Henry POLLARD.


1. Hornsby Shire Historical Society, Pioneers of Hornsby Shire 1788 - 1906.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 17th Sep 1786
Date of Death 11th Apr 1854
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Patrick Mor DUFFY
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Mary DAWSON
Townland born Cladrey, Sligo, Ireland
Occupation labourer, soldier
Place of Death Petrie Terrace Baptist Church, Hale Street, Paddington, Queensland
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Bridget CONLAN
Names of Children Jane DUFFY (1809-1809, William Lawrence DUFFY (c. 1811-1885), Peter Joseph DUFFY (1815-1878)
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