I have been researching my Lally roots on and off for over 17 years.  I have not located Patrick F. Lally's birth certificate, but discovered his parents names on his marriage certificate, and with that information I was able to locate birth & marriage records for all of his brothers and sisters and the marriage certificate for his parents... but nothing more.  I would like to discover more about Patrick & Mary and where they are buried.

Patrick was a carpenter and emigrated to the USA (Cork to New York) on 28 January 1905.  He sailed with his cousins, John & Thomas Nilan, and their destination was Patick's sister, Mary T. Lally McDonnel's home in Holyoke, MA.  I assume Mary assisted all of her brothers & sisters emigrate to the USA.  The family lived in Holyoke, Massachusetts & Swanzey, New Hampshire.

Any help in locating Patrick's birth records, the burial site of Patt & Mary (Grady) Lally and further information or clues on the Lally family in this area of Galway is greatly appreciated. 


Patrick Lally & Mary Grady

m. 15 October 1860, Beagh, Galway

Mary Theresa - b. 1861 Scalp (m. Scollard, then McDonnell)
Catherine Theresa - b. 1864 Loughrea (m. Sarsfield)
Catharina - b. 1865-1867 Scalp
Bridget Delia - b. 1869 Loughrea (m. Dolphin)
John Joseph - b. 1870 Galway (m. Geraghty)
Margaret - b. 1872 Ardrahan
Martin - b. 1877 Scalp (m. Gilmore)

Patrick - b. ?1879, Beagh? (m. Donaldson)

Helen Mary - b. 1880 Kilchreest (m. Lynskey, then Hanrahan)
Michael J. - b. 1885 Ardrahan (m. Murphy, then Neville)

Recap: Seeking information on Patrick F. Lally & his parents, Patrick "Patt" Lally & Mary Grady (or Gready) of County Galway.

I found a marriage record for Patt & Mary in Beagh, Galway, dated 15 October 1860. (Above transcription) 

Three witnesses to the marriage were: John Lally, Thomas Lally & Catherine Lally. 



Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1879 VIEW SOURCE
Father (First Name/s and Surname) Patrick "Patt" Lally
Mother (First Name/s and Maiden) Mary Grady (or Gready)
Names of Siblings Mary T - b. 1861 Scalp Catherine - b. 1864 Loughrea Catharina - b. 1865 Scalp Bridget Delia - b. 1869 Loughrea John - b. 1870 Galway Margaret - b. 1872 Ardrahan Martin - b. 1877 Scalp Helen - b. 1880 Kilchreest Michael - b. 1885 Ardrahan
Names of Children Robert William Lally John Joseph Lally Catherine Marie Lally
Place & Date of Marriage 6 December 1906 Winchester, New Hampshire, USA
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Catherine Marie Donaldson "Katie"
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  • My Donlans were from Loughrea and in searching for information on them, I came across this book on amazon about the Lally family of Loughrea just before seeing your post. I dont know if its the same family, but there's a chance it could be and it looks like an interesting read. 


    The Leaving of Loughrea: An Irish Family in the Great FaminePaperback


    This is the story of the Lally family between 1818 and 1848. It could just as easily be your story if you have ancestors who were among over a million people who left the beautiful and tragic land of Ireland in the 1840s. This family lived in the Loughrea area, County Galway, Ireland, and their story is similar to that of so many Irish families as they struggled against the odds, were overwhelmed by the tragedy of the Great Famine, and were forced to leave their beloved homeland. This book explores how the Irish lived at this time, how they thought, and the reasons for their situation in Ireland. It brings together the many strands of Irish society and the economics, politics, and philosophy that dominated their lives. It describes the terrible journeys that members of the family undertook to reach England, America, Canada, and Australia.

















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