I'm looking for info on the Gairns family. 

This is what I know so far.

My great grandfather was born about 1844, his name was Patrick. His wife Ann(and here is where it get tricky)McBrearty or sometimes listed Brady was born about 1852. I think they got married about 1869, I can't find any record. They had a farm in Carn,Donegal. Ann died 19/Jul/1889, Patrick 23/Oct/1892.

Their children were as follows:

Elizabeth born 25/Feb/1871, she was present when my great grandmother died. Lizzie as she was called immigrated in 1889.

Mary born 14/May/1873, she was present when my great grandfather died. I don't know if she immigrated.

Thomas born 1/Jun/1874. He immigrated in 1893.

John Patrick born 25/Dec/1881. He immigrated in 1899/

Anna Marie born 22/Jun/1885 . She immigrated in 1904 to live with her brother John she had $10.00 on her.

Catherine born 29/Nov/1887. She was my maternal great grandmother. She was known as Cassie. I found her on Killybegs 1901 census living wth her Uncle Thomas Gairns and his wife Margaret. My grandmother immigrated in 1903. She told her family that if they didn't send passage she would run away. When she arrived in Philadelphia she lived with her sister Lizzie. She always said she had an unhappy childhood and was an orphan.

Margaret was born 1888. I'm not sure in this because I haven't been able to find any information on Margaret so it's kind of up in the air. She is listed on some of the Gairns family trees.

None of them immigrated before my great grandfathers death except for Lizzie. Other than Cassie I don't know where any of the lived before they immigrated.

If anyone can help with Partick or Ann's parents names it would be greatly appreciated. For that matter anymore information would help.

Thank you,

Trish McLaughlin Allen

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