Patrick  McCarthy1810

Patrick McCarthy 1810

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Patrick was born ca.1810, presumably in County Kerry.  I have no documentation to prove this; only assuming the family stayed in the area. He married Julia Sullivan ca. 1844.  I have found baptismal records for three children: Bridget, Daniel, and Mary in the lat 1840's-early 1850s'.   These all showed living in the townland of Derreenatlooig ( a couple different spellings on the transcription) in Tuosist Parrish.  Patrick also shows up in the Griffiths valuation of 1852 for Derreenatloog on property owned by the Marquis of Landsdowne. The townland was about 200 acres, split into four sections of approximately 30 acres each.   Forty percent of the townland was designated "mountain" (the south-eastern slope of Knockatee).  The other inhabitants at the time were: Honoria McCarthy, Felix McCarthy, Jeremiah Harrington, Timothy Harrinton, and Daniel Sullivan.

Around 1854, the family left for America, ending up in Terre Haute, Indiana.  (per the 1860 census).  Patrick had a younger brother, Daniel, that appears to have preceded them, as his obituary stated that he came to the area in 1850.  Daniel did well in real estate, as his obit stated the he became known as "Property Dan".  He is said to have left a fortune of over $30,000 in 1890.  It is unknown what relation Honoria and Felix were to Patrick.  It's worth noting that Felix, and Lucy McCarthy were sponsors at the childrens baptism; along with Florence and Ellen Sullivan.  There was also a Florence McCarthy in an adjacent townland.  Perhaps there are still local records that could shed some light on these relationships.


Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1810 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 1st Jan 1874
Townland born County Kerry
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Julia Sullivan
Place & Date of Marriage ca. 1844
Names of Children Bridget, Daniel, and Mary
Names of Siblings Daniel
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  • Wondering if we share some McCarthy DNA... have you had testing done? I am on Family Tree DNA as well as Ancestry. My great grandfather Jeremiah McCarthy immigrated from County Kerry in the late 1800s, landing in Denver, Colorado. DNA results (including the McCarthy Surname study in FTDNA) suggests his origins in the Tuosist Parish and definitely on the Beara peninsula. 

    Peg McCarthy


    Peg McCarthy

    Monday 24th July 2023 12:45AM
  • Hi Peg !   This is Mike.  We've been communicating on ancestry, as well as with Nigel about my Y-dna test and Marks results.   I'm liable to pop up anywhere Irish ancestry is covered.



    Monday 24th July 2023 01:48AM

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