Patrick S. Wren (Wrenn, Wrin, Wrinn, Wrynn, Rinn, Rynn) 1825


Photo: Patrick Wren with Grandaughter Grace Simpson C1889

Patrick S. Wren, my 2nd great grandfather, per the 1866 NYC birth record of his daughter, Mary, was born in County Leitrim about 1825 and emigrated to NYC some time prior to 1850 when he appears in the US census with his wife Annie, residing in the 18th Ward of NYC. He was married to Annie Murray,  born about 1829 also in County Leitrim per her daughter Mary's 1866 birth record, the daughter of John Murray and Catherine Hackett per her death certificate. She was apparently from Bornacoola Parish based upon the discovery of an 1830 baptismal record for a Eugene Murray with parents John Murray and Catherine Hackett in the townland of Keelagh.

Patrick S. Wren (Usually used the initial S. but what it stood for is not known though other Leitrim Wrens bore the given names of Simon and Stephen) worked as stonemason throughout his life. There is a curious reference to him in an 1892 NY TImes article about the mayoral election, noting that Patrick S. Wren of 312 East 24th Street, a member of the State Democracy and for years a strong anti-Tammany democrat had walked out. Not sure what was meant.

In the 1900 census, two years after Patrick's death, his widow Annie Wren responded that she had given birth to 12 children with only 5 still living. Known children were William Henry, John Joseph, Thomas, Mary, Jane, Annie, another Mary, James Edward, and Francis Patrick. 

Photo: Wren family Circa 1886 NYC

I love the photo of him with his granddaughter, Grace Simpson, taken about 1890. I remember "Aunt" Grace who was my father's godmother and also shared his birthday.

Because Patrick was born as early as 1825 and with the many spellings of the last name of Wren, it has been difficult to place his family on the land in County Leitrim. On his death certificate, his parents names are listed as Patrick and Ann but those are also his and his wife's name so I am a little dubious, particularly since his first two sons were called William and John. But whether I ever discover his townland of origin, I am delighted to have come to learn so much about him over all.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1825 (circa)  
Date of Death 1898  

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