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Peter Hogan was born in Ballyspillane circa August 1828 and Baptized August 7, 1828 in Milford parish Catholic Church. He may have had a brother Christopher, born Dec. 25, 1822. Baptismal sponsors were Patrick Heenan and Bridget Kennedy.

Peter is listed in Griffiths, 1828 in the parish of Uskane, Diocese of Killaloe as a tennant farmer on Ballyspillane farmlandsa.

Peter was married to Julia Farrell (1825-1899) daughter of RIchard and Mary Farrell. I am not sure where Peter and Julia were married. Peter arrived in the US sometime around1853. He settled in New Lexington, Perry County, Ohio where his first born, Elizabeth was born in 1858. He and Julia had 6 children according to the journal he started when he arrived in New Lexington. He later settled in St. Peter, MN where his last born son was born. Peter died shortly after at the age of 42 in the year 1829.

I would like to know more about Peter's life in Ireland: if he had siblings, more about his wife and her family, and if there are any burial or marriage records for any of them. 

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Aug 1828 (circa)
Date of Death 1st Apr 1871
Names of Siblings
Spouse (First Name/s and Maiden/Surname) Julia Farrell
First Child Elizabeth
Number of Children 6
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  • Hi, I searched and found these.
    You say Christopher Hogan possible Peter's brother born 1822.
    Have you got his Baptism record please, I have looked at the Parish books and cannot find him.

    Peter Hogan Baptised on the 15th August 1828, Father Simon Hogan and Mother Mary Ryan.
    The Church was Borrisokane and the townland or area where they lived was Milford. That's between Borrsiokane and Cloughjordan
    This is the Church page. Left hand page.

    02483/04, Borrisokane - Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI

    This is Simon in the Tithe records, two plots of land.
    004625731/004625731_00365.pdf (

    Julia…….listed as Judith Farrell 7th November 1825 Rich Farrell and M Daly
    Right hand page
    02483/04, Borrisokane - Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI

    Up to now I haven't found any siblings. I will look again.


    Thursday 17th February 2022 04:48PM
  • The only information that I have on Christopher is a draft registration where he and Peter are listed together in 1863 draft registration in Fayette, Illinois, Peter never lived there but a Christopher did. I also found information in 1856 on an ordinace map sale of property where Simon Hogan and Cornelius Hogan leased land for 21 years from John Vincent in Balleyspillane North.

    In addition, I located an 1854 death record for Simon Hogan (Tipperary, #106) "Erected by Con Hogan in memory of his father Simon Hogan who died May 12, 1864 age 91 years. Also his mother Mary Hogan alias Ryan who died January 23, 1865 aged 82 years  and his brothers Patt (could be Peter?)  and Christopher Hogan who died in America. I tried to copy these documents but was not successful. Maybe you could let me know if that is possible.



    Thursday 17th February 2022 09:33PM
  • Hi Mary, 
    You do have a lot of names which is great.
    Yes Tipperary Studies is great site. I was talking to a lady who is from the Tipperary Study group in Kilmore, Silvermines one day when I was grave hunting. Very informative. More work is being compiled.
    I don't know if this will work on your PC. If any documnet is online and you have saved it, if you run the cursor over it so it highlights, press control and C, open a word document or open an email page, point the cursor to where you want it to go, press control and V. It should land there. Give it a title and save it.  
    The Information on Simon and Mary's headstone which gravyard was this?
    I see Cornelius has a son Michael, just trying to find Cornelius' marriage and Michael's birth.


    Friday 18th February 2022 11:11AM
  • Hi Margot,

    I put the link from Tipperary Studies in a word document alon with some other information. Hope I can get it to copy.


    Saturday 19th February 2022 11:37PM
  • A. Vol 11 Parish of Aglishcloghane reduced.pdf (

    I was unable to copy and past the pictures on my word document. They  were pictures and would not copy.

    I will keep trying to find a solution.



    Saturday 19th February 2022 11:42PM
  • Thanks Mary, I know where it is now.
    It's ok, I am going to look back on some Hogan records I have in my family.
    I will come back to you.


    Sunday 20th February 2022 09:49AM
  • Hi Margot,

    On the grave inscription there is mention of 2 sons in America. I am thinking that Patt might be a typo.



    Tuesday 22nd February 2022 08:30PM
  • Hi Mary, The only records I saw was for Cornelius, his wife and sons.
    I can't upload on the this page.
    See this link.......
    Welcome to Irish Genealogy - Irish Genealogy

    Use the followng names and years and choose Borriokane. This is the Con who ws named on the headstone.
    Edward Hogan   1871
    Cornelius Hogan death   1881
    Norah Hogan death 1917.
    Michael was born just as the Civil records came out.
    You may find him in the NLI
    Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI


    Wednesday 23rd February 2022 01:30PM
  • Thanks Margot. I was unable to find Michael in the Catholic Parish Registers at the NLI as film was too dificult to read.

    Cornelius must have been born in 1823 as he was 58 at time of death. His son signed the death certificate so maybe his wife predeceased him?

    I found a Parish of Uskeane valuation, Diocese of Killaloe for SImon  who was a tenant in Balleyspillane in my files but do not know the year. I tried to copy it but could not paste it. Some of the other names were Hoctor, Richardson?,. Not sure how to trace it to get a year.

    I remember my dad mentioning the parish of Eglish or Aglish related to Simon or maybe his wife Mary Farrell. Not sure if that will help.


    Wednesday 23rd February 2022 10:43PM
  • Mary,
    Can you email me please. I can send more records in emails.

    so maybe his wife predeceased him?        No, Cornelius' wife .........that's Norah in 1917.

    Eglish and Aglish are the same's Norman for Church.

    Is this record you seen for Simon?          it's 1823 or later, that was when they were introduced. Not all the pages or on line records have the year thats why it says 1823 to 1837.
    The Tithe Applotment Books, 1823-37 (

    See .................Griffiths Valuation is from 1837 to 1864

    He is still there in 1852
    Griffith's Valuation (

    Where you see position on page you can go to the map......the large spy glass on the previous page.
    There is a white circle and a red box, zoom in slow and you will see the word Borrisokane. Above the first "R" there is a number 212, look left slightly and you will see a road .....two faint lines....followthe road straight up and you will see a wooded area on the right follow on and you will see Ballyspillane South, then Ballyspillane North you wil then see Milford and at the top of the the grey area Milford House. This is where they were from. I cannot find 31 but I see 32 and 33. I did wonder if it was 37 and not 31.

    Email me plase and I will send the docs.


    Thursday 24th February 2022 10:27AM

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