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Thomas Ashman (parents unknown) was born circa 1792 in St. John's Parish, Sligo Township, County Sligo. As stated in his pension record, he enlisted at the age of 17 years and was assigned to the 27th Regiment of Foot Infantry serving under the Earl of Moira. He served 1809-1815 until he was discharged "in the consequence of being blind from opthamalia" contracted in Quebec, Canada. Thomas was "invalided to England." In 1831, narrowly escaping the devastating cholera epidemic of 1832, he emigrated from Sligo to Canada with his wife Mary Nangle (b circa 1798), and children William (b circa 1819) and daughter Eliza (b circa 1822). Another son Thomas was born in 1831 but it is unknown if he was born in Sligo, during the journey, or after the arrival in Canada. They arrived in Quebec on the ship called the Chambly on October 5, 1831. In lieu of a military pension, he applied for 100 acres of land which was awarded to him on October 18, 1831 and built their lives in Eldon/Hartley Township, Victoria County in Ontario, Canada. Thomas and Mary went on to have 3 Canadian born children, John 1835, George 1838, and an unknown female child.  In an 1842 census is when we last hear of Thomas, as in the 1851 census, it shows his wife Mary as now widowed. Although his exact grave plot is "missing", he is buried along with several family members in the "family" graveyard named Eden Cemetery. His wife Mary Nangle, moved in with her son John and family and lived to the ripe old age of 83 years and 10 months, passing in 1882. Although this family originated from Sligo and and at least two of his children were born in Sligo, there is some evidence also pointing toward a County Cork connection. It is interesting to note that although Thomas and his descendants were Protestants, Ashman connections in Cork were Catholic, and it may be that his wife Mary's family was Catholic.  

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1792 (circa)
Date of Death 1st Jan 1851 (circa)

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