Thomas Fleming was born in probably Coolrawer but I am not sure. I think he married in about 1830-31 in that townland or thereby, because his first son was born in 1832. He was also Thomas. His second son was Austin, born in 1836, my great grandfather, 3rd son, John, in 1840, and last son, James in 1842.

The family left more than likely for Sheffied, England in maybe 1846 or so, because they are found living in their uncle's boarding house (the Brennans) in the 1851 census. But, the mother and father are not found in the 1861 census, because they went back to Ireland and lived with their son James and his wife, Ann Haran. and farmed. Austin stayed in Sheffied and married Anne Sweeney in 1861. Their daughter, Mary, was born in 1862, and they left for Scranton, PA in 1864. Anne was pregnant with the second child, James born in 1864. they had John in 66', Margaret in 68,' Mambie B. in 70', and Timothy in 72. Anne died in 1872. Austin remarried Mary Mooney in 1874. their child Teresa was born in 1875, Thomas in 1877, Genevieve in 1879, and my grandfather, Charles in 1882. Austin's brother John also went to Scranton. Brother James stayed in Sligo as did his mother and father. thomas remained in England in the coal mines. Thomas Fleming died where he began in Coolrawer, Sligo in 1875, and his wife, Margaret Lundy in 1885.this sounds easy to put together, but it took years to piece it together with few documents before 1845, but DNA began to really help[ and cousins entered my life, and we found out what happened to so many of our clan.

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1800
Date of Death 1st Jan 1875


  • Thanks for posting. Our family also had FLEMMINGs and LUNDYs in the early-mid 1800s located in and around Curraghboy, Kilmactiege, married to BATTLE and McNICHOLAS.                 These Flemmings may have come from Carracastle parish, Mayo, a short distance to the south. Will post profiles soon. .... Susan Griffith

    Susan Griffith

    Thursday 28th January 2021 04:59PM
  • Hi Susan,

    Anything I can get about these flemings would be great. I sort of thought they had lived in Mayo before, but one just cannot find much as to information before 1800, if then. I have put all of mine together through the years and from some other brothers of my Ggreat grandfather and 23 & Me relatives, but it is still sparce. would love to hear from you. I am on ancestry so, we can exchange there as well. Cannot wait to hear. Lundy is a name I just got for my great great grandmother not long ago. Ancestors, some of them went to Scranton, PA stayed in Sligo, stayed in England, or went to Mass, and Rhode Island. that is all I know, other that.

    Patty fleming


    Thursday 28th January 2021 06:06PM
  • For Thomas & Margaret DOD in 1875 & 1884 respectively mentioned are from Kincuillew townland.

    James & wife Oney (Honor)(Anne) Harin also in Kincuillew as can be seen in house no 4 in 1901 Census & house no 22 in 1911 census

    Kind regards

    Joe Quinn

    Joe Q

    Thursday 28th January 2021 06:14PM



    Hi Patty, Joe, and Others,

    Starting with the facts that I know are pretty accurate.

    My great grandmother was ANNE FLEMMING b. Jan 1840. She married JAMES BATTLE in Carracastle 8 Dec.1860. They settled in Curraghboy, Kilmactiege, Sligo and raised their family there. They had the following children, all baptised in Kilmactiege parish in this order: Martin (1861-1916, died Boston, MA); Mary (1863-1894, died Boston, MA); John Joseph (1865-1956, died Boston, MA); Patrick (1870-1945, died Boston, MA); James (1872-1902, died Boston, MA); Thomas (1874-?); Michael (1877-1949, died Boston, MA); Catherine (1880-1955, died Boston, MA); Anne Theresa (1884-1967, died Boston, MA). The family emigrated at various times with the oldest arriving in the 1880s and Anne and James with the youngest children arriving in Boston in 1894. Of the BATTLE children who married, all in Boston, they are listed here with spouses: Martin Battle and Mary Cannon; Mary Battle and John O'Donnell; John Joseph Battle and Mary Maguire, and later to Delia Henry; Patrick Battle and Mary Cullen; Catherine Battle and John Murphy; Anne Theresa and John Power.                                                                      

    ANNE FLEMMING's parents were THOMAS FLEMMING and ANN McNICHOLAS. They would have been born too early in the 1800s for records to be available, it seems. Their townland locations can only be speculated. Since Anne and James Battle were married in Carracastle, it is most likely that was her parish. She and her parents must have lived near there, likely then in Mayo. I have had DNA matches to people whose families were from several townlands in Gowel -- Broher or Brackloon are good possibilities for where they may have lived. I think the BATTLE and LUNDY families that James Battle came from were already living in Curraghboy, Kilmactiege. His parents were JOHN BATTLE and BRIDGET LUNDY. There are people of those surnames listed in Curraghboy in Griffith's Valuation, which makes me think they had already been established there in the earlier decades as well. There is a John Battle listed in Curraghboy in the Valuation who would most likely be James' father. And if I recall, there is a Lundy widow living there as well, possibly Bridget's mother.                                                                                          

    Coolrawer and Curraghboy are not far from one another, nor from Broher. Our Flemings most likely had a common ancestor not too far back in time. Maybe that generation just prior to 1800?

    I am on Ancestry with a private tree and am waiting for my test results with them to be uploaded soon. I also have a profile on 23andMe. My guess though is that cMs might be too low to find matches through the generations listed here.







    Susan Griffith

    Friday 29th January 2021 07:20PM

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