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Commissary-General Thomas Popham Luscombe (1780-1855) was born in Killester Dublin. By 1804 he was promoted to Assistant Commissary-General.

In 1812, while stationed in Guernsey, he was court-martialed for taking advantage of his position (to engage in trade or profit beyond his rank). When it was discovered he had an interest in the Bank of Messers McCullough & Co of Guernsey, he was replaced and sent to Germany.

Between 1813-16 he served in Hanover as a Deputy Commissary General, and continued in this role at the Commissary General's Office, Dublin until his promotion in 1826.

  • On 8 September 1821, he married Catherine Tooke Robinson (1795-1890) at St Georges Church, Hanover Sq London. At that time, he was a Deputy Commissary General, 
  • The above picture is one of pair of portraits of General Thomas Popham Luscombe and his bride, Catherine, by the French painter Benjamin Delacour.

The Luscombe's first lived in the parish of St Peter's in Dubin City. (In 1824, their address was 9 Holles St). By 1833, they had moved into Killester Manor House (formerly the residence of Viscount Newcomen) which they leased from Lord Howth. Here they resided until TP's death in 1855.  

They had at the following children:

  • Their eldest daughter, Isabella Eliza Luscombe (baptised 1822 in the parish of St Peters)  married the Rev John Hayne, Rector of Stawley, Somersetshire at Clontarf Church in June 1843. 
  • Thomas Charles Popham Luscombe Jr. Esq. (1823-1858) married Annie Casement, daughter of the late Roger Casement Esq of Harryville, Ballymena, County Antrim in Clontarf Church on 15 September 1853. They lived in Dundrum (parish of Taney).
  • William Hill Luscombe (1825-1856)
  • Tooke  Cumming Luscombe Esq (1828-1905) of Killester House married Mary Louisa Boylan of Waterloo Road at St Peter's Church in April 1856. They lived at  Milltown Castle and later Frankfort, Dundrum. 
  • Their second daughter Kate Fanny Luscombe married John Johnson-Brown Esq at All Saint's Church Knightsbridge on 26 July 1853. 
  • Adelaide Luscombe married John Clement Pare of Clontarf at Clontarf Church on 17 August 1856. 
  • Their youngest daughter, Eliza Emily Luscombe (1833-1853) was born in Killester house SOURCE and died at home on 21 June 1853, age 20. 
  • Randolph Richards Luscombe (1838-1918).

From 15 August 1826, Luscombe was a Commissary General of the Corps of Royal Marines on half-pay. In 1838 he was recorded as "now of Gayfield, Co. Dublin". SOURCE

In 1855, Commissary-General Thomas Popham Luscombe (on the retired list) died at Killester House after a short illness, age 75. He was the grandson of the late Alexander Popham Luscombe of Luscombe, Devonshire. 

Probate of his will (his interest in the lease to Killester House and other property) was given to his son, the Right Hon. Baron Richards who died shortly afterwards in 1858. The trustee of his last will was Sir James Dombrain. 

His widow, Catherine, remover to Cheltenham where she died in 1890, age 95.

The Luscombes were interred at the family vault at Harold's Cross, Dublin in Mount Jerome Cemetery.

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At the time of Griffith's Valuation, General Luscombe aka T.P. Luscombe aka Thos. Luscombe held property in

  • the Dublin City parish of St Peter
  • the Dublin City parish of St Thomas
  • Donnybrook Co. Dublin
  • Monkstown, Co. Dublin
  • Kilmaganny Co Kilkenny
Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1780
Date of Death 15th Mar 1855 VIEW SOURCE
Associated Building (s) Killester Manor House  

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