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FARM 2a The Shannons of Canbo

In the 1749 Elphin Census, no Shannon was recorded in Canbo.

In or about 1790, Thomas Shannon of Canbo married Catherine Casey. By the time parish records begin, we can see them baptising a son, John, in 1815.

In 1829, the Catholic Relief Bill was passed. Catholics were admitted to Parliament and local government corporations (but still excluded from some of the higher offices). Only freeholders had the right to vote.  “Freeholders” were men who either owned their land outright (in fee) or those who held it in a lease for the duration of their life (or the lives of other people named in the lease). From 1793, Protestants and Catholics with 40 shilling freeholds had been allowed to vote. However, in 1829 the rate increased to 10 pounds for everyone (stripping 40 shilling freeholders of their right to vote and increasing the influence of landlords by confining membership to the propertied or monied classes). 

In May 1829, Thomas Shannon 'of Canbo otherwise Lurgan' was listed among those seeking to register to vote. He registered his residence at Canbo in addition to land for tilling and grazing. The land at Canbo, being so close to Canbo lough, was marshy in places. His annual rates were £10 (taxes exclusive of cess and tithes) which would suggest he may have had income from grazing land elsewhere.  (Lurgan may be an alternative name for Canbo; or possibly refer to a townland just south of Elphin). In 1842, Thomas Shannon's name appears on Tithe records in Canbo [TA1842] but not Lurgan.  

The farm then passed to his son, John Shannon (1815-1897) whose name appears on Griffith's land records [GV1857].   This establishes the Shannon farm at 2a in Canbo with 50/1/39 acres and a house rated at £1/5s. 

2. John Shannon (1815-1897) married Mary Murray on 6/12/1850. John seems to have remarried Eliza Dowd (1820-1902) shortly after this.  In 1870 their daughter Catherine Shannon married Jim Doherty of Aughrim.  In 1878 their daughter, Brigid Shannon, married Mick Shannon of Aughanagh. 

John died of Influenza on 20/5/1897 followed by his bachelor son Patrick Shannon (1848-1897) three days later.   Pat Shannon Jr (John's grandson and Patrick's nephew) was present at their deaths.  Pat Jr was the son of Michael Shannon. In 1898, the farm passed to Pat Jr's other uncle, Thomas Shannon (1839-1927). The 1901 Census Records confirm Eliza, his widow, alive and well as head of household, living with son Thomas & grandson Pat. She passed away the following year. 

3. Thomas Shannon (1839-1927) of Canbo, farmer, died a bachelor, with Pat Shannon Jr present at his death. However, it seems that the farm passed directly from his mother to his nephew, Pat Jr. In the 1911 Census, Thomas is the "labourer" and Pat Jr. the 'farmer' and head of household. 

4. Pat Shannon Jr. of Canbo (son of Michael Shannon) married Margaret Collins of Canbo (dau. of John Collins) on 11 October 1909. Paddy Shannon's field is mentioned in a local folk-tale about hidden treasure in Canbo Fort.

In the 1930's, the Shannon farm at Canbo was taken over by Pat Collins.



Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1765 (circa)
Date of Death 1st Jan 1845 (circa)
Associated Building (s) Canbo Castle Canbo townland  

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