Military Discharge papers state that Timothy Salmon was born "Killicon Carrickshannon Roscommon", a labourer, served as a Gunner TS in Royal Artillery Nov 1803 - 1814. 
Pension paid via Roscommon District till June 1846, then Wolverhampton England.

1851 UK census: Timothy living in Dudley with wife Winifred born circa 1795 Ireland. 
Son Timothy born 1823 Ireland, 
Son's wife Margaret born 1828 Stockport
Grandsons John bornC1848 and Timothy born C1849

Pension: Timothy died 12th July 1852

peninsular Medal Roll 1793 - 1814 Transcription shows Timothy received Army Gold Medal/Military General Service Medal 1793 - 1814 Clasp "Martinique"

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Jan 1784
Date of Death 12th Jul 1852


  • Welcome to the IrelandXO Croghan Community!

    Salmon / Sammon:   Descendant of bradán' (diminutive of brádach, spirited; also a salmon) was a rather scattered surname in Co. Roscommon, it seems to have been an alias for Ó Bradagáin, which see. Salmon, as an anglicised form of this surname, dates back to the year 1555; and Salmon, of course, suggested Fisher [Sloinnte Gaedheal is Gall]



    You are in luck ... Timothy & Winifred Salmon baptised a daughter during the only year a Killucan priest bothered to record an address in this parish (so you can be confident this is where your ancestor Timothy Jr was born too). 

    Timothy Salmon Sr. aka Tadhg Ó Bradagáin began raising a family in the townland Tullyleague. Just west of Carrick-on-Shannon, Tullyleague is technically in:

    So ... please join the IrelandXO Tumna civil parish (and link this Chronicle there too) to find out more!

    The house I believe they lived in (TBC) is mapped here as a cow-house in 1857.  No longer extant by the end of the 19th century. 


    Thady Salmon was married to Winifred Feely ...  her actual name would have been Deirdre Ní Fhícheallaígh (Winifred was an Anglicization of Deirdre).

    Feely / Fehilly was numerous in this district. (I recommend you make contact with the Carrick-on-Shannon Heritage Group as they have a Feely historian from this area on the committee). 


    Baptised in RC Killucan (civil: TUMNA):

    Margaret Salmon bap. 10-Mar-1816 (godparents: Michael Healy & Mary Lauder / Lawder)

    Thaddy Salmon Jr. bap. 5-Feb-1823 (godparents: William Lynch & Catherine Smyth)

    It looks like they moved west in the direction of Frenchpark shortly after that...

    Baptised in RC Loughlynn (civil: TIBOHINE):

    Catherine Salmon bap. 9-Sep-1830  (godparents: Hugh Foley  & Brigid Salmon*)

    Bernard / Bryan Salmon bap. 8-Oct-1835  (godparents: William & Sarah Johnson)

    John Salmon bap. 12-Apr-1838 (godparents:  Thomas Salmon & Anne Flanagan)  


    RELATIVES IN KILLUCAN (near Carrick-on-Shannon)

    In 1818, Thomas Dolan & Anne Davis invite both Timothy Salmon and Winifred Feehily to godparent. They must have been very close (possibly sharing the same farm/house). There are no other records for this couple, however... in 1857 Peter Dolan of Lodge holds land at farm #9 Tullyleague along with a roadside "office" #9a (an old house being used as a farm outbuilding/ cow-house). Odds are high that this was the home of Tom Dolan, quite possibly with Thady Salmon attached. 

    Given that Salmon was such a rare surname here, you might also consider John Salmon of Knockroe as possibly related.  See John Salmon & Anne Murray; 


    RELATIVES IN LOUGHLYNN (near Frenchpark)

    In 1835 John Timon & Catherine Bermingham of "Clonare"  (either Cloonard or Cloonarragh) invite Timothy Salmon to godparent.  

    *Brigid Salmon (presumably Thady's sister) married Edward Sarsfield in 1837 and baptised one child later that year.  

    No more records for either couple, which suggests they probably emigrated soon after as well.  



     Then, as you say, Timothy Salmon migrated to England in June 1846. 

    Let me know if you see any of those other names mentioned turning up as neighbours in your UK records. 



    The only other Timothy Salmon on record in Co Roscommon did not emigrate ...

    Timothy Salmon (1796-1876) & Margaret Beirne (1806-1886) baptising in the RC parish of Aughrim were of  Breanletter, Ballyfermoyle (civil parish of KEADUE). 

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Saturday 16th February 2019 10:25AM
  • Timothy Salmon Sr. moved from Tullyleague, Carrick-on-Shannon to Cloonarragh (just north of Castlerea) which was a heavily congested townland on the road to Loughglinn. 

    Timothy Salmon of Cloonara appears 6 times in the Poverty Relief Loan books for Ballymoe (from 1841–,  where he signed as a Guarantor / Witness for his neighbour John Cox of Cloonara (along with Martin O Brien of Tawnyrover). 

    Their landlord here was Arthur French aka Lord de Freyne of Frenchpark House

    By 1857, no Cox was recorded in Cloonarragh [GV]. However, we can find some of the people Thady Salmon invited to godparent...

    • Brigid Sarsfield (nee Salmon) at farm #10a (must have been widowed) living on 8 acres in a 10 shilling house. There is a farmhouse still extant on this site. You may find relatives here. 
    • Anne Foley is at farm #9a
    • Luke Flanagan at #15a is also neighbouring Bridget. 

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Saturday 16th February 2019 11:28AM
  • Rua thank you so much for all this information it is amazing!

    I knew of the baptism of Margaret with her mother shown as Winifred Feely, I was confused that Timothy juniors showed as Winifred Foley. So thank you for clarifying that.

    I also found an older brother to Timothy; William - Gulielm in 1818 baptised Killucan to Timothei and Winifred on the John Grenham site. Living near to Timothys junior and senior, this William showed as Salman on the UK 1851 census with a younger brother Bernard in the house (as you confirmed in the list of baptisms) In 1861 this William is caring for two nephews - these are the sons of Timothy junior who is now widowed.

    It was suggested to me that Timothy junior may have had 2 older brothers because of the irish naming system but I have only found the one - William.

    I will certainly follow up all your suggestions and can't thank you enough for giving me so much information as I hope to visit the area next year.

    Best wishes



    Saturday 16th February 2019 12:50PM
  • You are very welcome!

    Interesting ...  

    William Salmon bap. 27 Aug 1818 parents: Timothei Salmon & Winifred Fihelly godparents:  ?

    on the original parish register ... is preceded by that baptism by Thomas Dolan & Anne Davis (when they invite both Timothy Salmon and Winifred Feehily to godparent Anne). So both babies were baptised together on the same day ... in the same house!   (Baptisms at that early stage took place in the home). 

    Seeing as "William" is an important name ... best to keep an eye on William Salmon & Mary Kelly who married in Killukin in Jan 1834 (no further records after 1835 so I wasn't able to establish a kinship). Also William Salmon (1830-1917) of Moigh (albeit further north in Tumna near Oakport). 

    (Thomas Salmon of Knockroe, Croghan married Anne Murray in 1836). 

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Sunday 17th February 2019 12:11PM
  • I just checked out the Elphin Census of 1749 and found another clue ...

    In the civil parish of Killukin only two salmon families are recorded:

    (a) J. B. Salmon, a farmer with 3 children under the age of 14 (all Catholic) residing in Mullaghmore (which sits on the southern boundary of Tullyleague).

    (b) M. Salmon, a widow, with 4 children under the age of 14 + 1 female servant (all Catholic) residing in Knockadalteen (which sits on the western boundary of Tullyleague). LANDLORD: James Farrell of Kilmore

    You can be pretty certain this is your Salmon central starting point. His landlord in Tullyleague was Charles Manners St Geroge Esq. so you might check out if any estate records survived.  LANDLORD: John Keogh Esq.

    I will dig into those townlands a bit more when I get a chance. 

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Sunday 17th February 2019 12:31PM
  • Navigating your way home... TULLYLEAGUE (19th century)

    In 1749, Tullyleague was occupied by two Protestant households W. Cooper, J. Rutledge and three Catholic: P. Egan, I. Conry & C. Fahy all farmers ... none of which appears on record here in 1835.

    The 1835 Tithe Applotment holdings were recorded in the opposite direction to Griffith's Valuation (1857), so the Tullyleague-south roadside in 1835 (LtoR) was held by Pat Monaghan [GV#7a],  the Rev. S. D. Oldfield [land only], John McGreevy [GV#8a directly opp. McPartlands] and by the powers of elimination, we find John Robinson was recorded at what became Dolan's outbuilding [GV#9a].  I can't establish if this was held by John Robinson (1759-1846) of Ardkeenagh (C of I) with an un-named herd in situ or someone else (e.g. John Robinson, Athlone Militia, RC).   

    I'd like to think that Timothy Salmon Sr was living near family so that is why I am considering Tullyleague #9a as his possible residence (before he moved west in 1830). I will need to take a deeper look at Tullyleague before I can say for certain. (There are a number of unoccupied houses in Tullyleague-north that may also be considered.

    Anyway,  for Tullyleague #9a ... This OS 6" map (c.1830) shows you houses that were mapped in the first Ordnance Survey here: In the menu, you can use the transparency slider to see it disappear and to reveal the new building on the site as it stands today


    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Monday 18th February 2019 07:02AM
  • Navigating your way home... KNOCKADALTEEN (18th century)

    Your Killucan SALMON ancestral starting point is the adjoining townlands of Knockadalteen & Mullaghmore.  

    These Salmons were "farmers" not cottiers, so you should know they had a decent share of land at that point in time. It looks like... 

    "? Salmon" married to "M. the widow" was most likely an older brother, married in the 1740s. By 1749, he had died and their 4 Salmon children would have reached marriageable age in the 1760s and 70s. Also residing in Knockadalteen at this time were  D. & M. Fehily: (Feely), one Byrne, one McGreevy, and 3 Lavin households in the centre of the townland... all "farmers". 

    Around the same time, "J. Salmon" married "B." (probably Brigid  & John? James? Joseph? Jeremiah? Salmon) and was raising a young family. Again these Salmon children would have been starting their own families in the latter half of the 18th century. Also farming in Mullaghmore at this time were Donagher, Hilford, Hopkins, Leahy, Lavin, Meehan, Winters (all Catholic). South-eastern Mullaghmore has its own village (at Laird's) which featured a number of labourers cottages along with a blacksmith and a butcher in 1749.

    >> You might wish to check out the 'Rent Roll of the late Earl of Carlingford, 1 May 1754', (from Earl of Shelbourne's Rentals, Alderman Kelly's MSS, Dublin), now @ Sligo County Library McDonagh Ms. VIII ... which included Knockadalteen.  




    Timothy Salmon Sr. (1784-1852) was born too late to be the son of either couple recorded in the 1749 Census. However, you can be confident that he was a grandson of one of them. Subdivision of the original Salmon farm holding (as was customary of the time) may have reduced Timothy's generation to small-farmers / cottagers. This was a recurring theme in pre-Famine times in this parish. 

    No Salmon is recorded as a Flax Grower in Killukin in 1796. However, Peter Dolan does appear on this list. 

    So where were these Salmons?

    We can presume that the Salmons recorded in 1749 here lived either side of the Knockadalteen - Mullaghmore boundary (so we are looking for buildings in close proximity anywhere along this boundary).   Check out the "Map Views" in Griffith's Valuation for these townlands to see which families held which holdings in 1857.


    The Carrick-on-Shannon to Croghan road (left of Carrick train station) is all that separates Knockadalteen & Mullaghmore from Tullyleague today. This  might suggest that (within each of these townlands) the Salmons were clustered on either side of the townland boundary close to the road. Google Maps Street View

    BUT ... by 1835, the roadside farms at northern Knockadalteen & Mullaghmore were held by John McPartland (alias John Bartley who married Mary Flanagan, also a James Bartley Jane Winter). This 19-acre farm GV#1 & GV#2 Knockadalteen was still held by his descendants (Andrew McPartland Sr. & Honor Hunt of @ #2a Knockadalteen) by 1857. The 1911 Census reveals McPartland still here

    Next to McPartland were John Owens & Alice O'Brien (confirmed at 'Knockadalton ' 1815) who married and began residing at farm #3 Knockadalteen [GV] circa 1805. Close neighbours: Eugene & Eliza McGreevy. Also Eleanor Lavin & John Conry

    Farm #4 & 5 Knockadalteen [GV] at the centre had long been a Lavin holding (since 1749 at least). 

    It is not out of the realm of possibility that the Salmons of Knockadalteen & Mullaghmore resided at the southern end of where these townlands meet. Especially because #6a Knockadalteen had become an 81-acre grazing farm (held by John Sharkey) by 1857. This means some major clearance took place around the time of the famine here. It could be that the Mullaghmore Salmons lived in or about the adjoining farms here. 

    In any event, both "Mullagh" (lit. summit) and "Knock" (lit. hill) represent heights you may wish to stand upon to survey the land and take in the views your ancestors would also have enjoyed!

    Rua, IrelandXO Volunteer ☘︎

    Monday 18th February 2019 07:22AM
  • thank you again

    cathRua I can’t thank you enough for providing all this information. It will take me a little while to digest but I can’t believe how much I have learned from you in a few days. I had searched the Elphin census and found no results! You obviously have the knack!! The other thing I will do is examine the uk census for those other names - perhapsrelatives/godchildren. You’ve given me lots to think about and identified the area I can  visit when I next travel to Ireland 




    Monday 18th February 2019 04:09PM
  • Thanks to all the wonderful information Rua provided, I have just visited County Roscommon to see the areas my ancestors lived.

    I have succeeded in tracing my Salmons after their emigration to England and made contact with distant cousins. Couldn’t have done this without help from this site.

    I am still looking for some of the children born to Timothy and Winifred;

    Margaret Salmon bap 10 Mar 1816 RC Killucan

    Catherine Salmon bap 9 Sept 1830 RC Loughlynn and

    John Salmon bap 12 Apr 1838 RC Loughlynn

    I can’t find on the English census after the family  emigrated in June 1846. The girls may have married but I fear that John may have died.

    Any assistance would be gratefully received



    Friday 22nd September 2023 08:59AM

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