Place of migration
Migrated to/Born in Australia

William Walker, was born on October 1803  in Lisburn County Down, Antrim.

A Handloom Weaver

At some stage he caught the ferry to Scotland, he married there to Janet Airlie or Airley, and worked as a Hand Loom Weaver. Most of his children were born in Scotland. William was a Freemason in Scotland.

The family Emigrated to Tasmania Australia 

By the Bounty System,

Additional Information
Date of Birth 1st Oct 1803
Date of Death 13th May 1877


  • Looking for William Walkers parents and ancestors

    Walkers of Lisburn

    Tuesday 6th April 2021 01:34PM
  • Hi

    My name is Jeanine Walker from New Zealand. Im researching my family history which has lead back to Antrim and Northern Ireland.  I believe William Walker may have been connected to my side of the family although as yet I am unsure what the connection is.  

    I married into the Walker name but my ancestors were also Walkers from this area.  Yes - that is a bit unsettling but hopefully a couple of hundred years is enough to be okay!

    My confirmed family links were

    Ann Walker born around 1825 - Married James Whiteside - was last known record was in her husbands will who died in 1872.  Her father was Robert Walker who married Agnes Rossborough although I am having trouble confirming that at this stage.  

    For your information I found a Walker Family who migrated to New Zealand on the early settler ship called the The Arab.  

    Found a ship passenger log with the Walker family that may be connected. Ship named 'Arab' in 1840.

    James 33 Shipwright
    Helen 33
    Ellen 14
    John 10
    William 8
    Jean 7
    Isabella 5
    James 3
    Anne Arab Born at sea


    The early settlers that came out to NZ were often part of an extended family or known to each other back in there home countries.  Whitesides/Hendersons/Walkers from Antrim were names from Antrim that came to NZ most likely because of the famine.  Im still searching as I am new to this and trying to collate info so if you want to connect and swap notes, Im happy to.




    Jeanine Walker

    Saturday 25th June 2022 08:59PM
  • Hi Jeanine

    This is Angie here,   William has been a huge brick wall for many many years long before i started our genealogy in 2011.

    Would love to be able to contact you further and process what i do know  about Williams trip with his family, William was born in Ireland  then travelled to Scotland where he married Jannet Airlie , He had many children born in Scotland, Then he travelled to Tasmania Australia where he lived out his life.

    William came by the Bounty System on board the Ship Conway which left Liverpool England on July 12 1855 and arrived in Hobart Tasmania 14 October 1855 On a few occasions his birth date has been documented as either 1810 or 1803 .

    Its such a pleasure to hear from you 

    you can contact me by email




    Sunday 26th June 2022 03:24AM
  • Walkers living in Lisburn and finding Lisburn is in Blaris civil parish


    Blaris Co Antrim Spellings Wallace, Rebeca Townland: Largymore Year: 1834 Blaris Antrim Walker, John Townland: Lissue Year: 1834 Blaris AntrimTeraghafeeva Lissue Blaris Co Down Walker, John Townland: Ballykeel &Edenagonnell Year: 1834 Blaris Down Walker, James Townland: Carnreagh Year: 1834 Blaris Down Walker, Jno. Townland: Carnreagh Year: 1834 Blaris Down Walker, Thos. Townland: Carnreagh Year: 1834 Blaris Down Walker, Jas. Townland: Culeavly Year: 1834 Blaris Down Walker, Jno. Townland: Culeavly Year: 1834 Blaris Down Culcavy Walker, Robert Townland: Culeavly Year: 1834 Blaris Down Walker, Samuel Townland: Culeavly Year: 1834 Blaris Down Wallace, Rebeca Townland: Largymore Year: 1834 Blaris Down Walker, James Townland: Maze Year: 1834 Blaris Down


    Sunday 26th June 2022 03:37AM
  • Hello Jeanine, and Angie, my name is Kim Walker from Tasmania. I have been a member of this site for a few years now and this is the first bit of info that may shed some light on the Walkers in Lisburn. Firstly Angie, your William is also my original ancestor from Ireland. I have also hit that brick wall. And Jeanine, the James Walker you speak of could very well be related to William. William's sons were named James, Thomas, Benjamin Aird, and William.               I would really appreciate further contact between us.     You can contact by email



    Walkers of Lisburn

    Tuesday 28th June 2022 03:11AM

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