Winifred (Nee Gibbons) O'Neil

Winifred (Nee Gibbons) O'Neil 1865

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Winnefred Gibbons was born 14 Feb 1865 in the SR District/Reg Area of Westport, Registrar’s District Louisburgh, County Mayo, Ireland to Austin Gibbons, farmer and his wife Catherine (Malley) Gibbons.  The address on her birth certificate is Aillemore.  Informant for the birth was Austin Gibbons, Father, Aillemore.

Winifred’s parents Austin Gibbons, age 92, farmer and Catherine Gibbons, age 65, are listed in the 1901 Irish Census in Aillemore, Mayo, Ireland, along with their sons John, age 32 and William, age 29.  Gibbons, Austin Family 1901 Irish Census:

Austin Gibbons, farmer, dies 25 March 1907 in Aillemore, 88 years.  The informant is William Gibbons, son present at death, Aillemore.

Catherine, age 80, farmer, is listed as Head of Household along with her sons John, 45, John’s wife Catherine, 45, and son William, 40 in the 1911 Irish Census. Catherine is listed as a widow having been married 60 years, had 7 children with 6 now living.  *Son Austin died in 1892. 

Gibbons, Catherine Family 1911 Irish Census:

Austin and Catherine’s children were:

1.Mary Jane (Gibbons) McPartlen b: Abt. 1863, Aillemore, Mayo, Ireland - d: 19 Dec 1943, Hudson, MA, USA

2.Winifred (Gibbons) O’Neil b: 14 Feb 1865, Aillemore, Mayo, Ireland – d: 23 Aug 1918, Norwich, CT, USA

3.John Gibbons b: 24 Aug 1866, Aillemore, Mayo, Ireland – d: 13 Feb 1939, Aillemore, Mayo, Ireland

4.Margaret (Gibbons) O’Toole, b: 25 July 1868, Aillemore, Mayo, Ireland – d: 25 May 1945, Aillemore, Mayo, Ireland

5.William Gibbons b: 25 Nov 1869, Aillemore, Mayo, Ireland – d: 16 Jun 1941, Aillemore, Mayo, Ireland

6.Catherine Gibbons b: 6 Feb 1872, Aillemore, Mayo, Ireland – d: ?

*7.Austin Gibbons b: 21 May 1873, Aillemore, Mayo, Ireland – d: 24 Mar 1892

Catherine Gibbons, widow, 80 years, farmer’s mother, dies 22 Nov 1919, Aillemore.  The informant is John Gibbons, Son, present at death, Aillemore.

Sometime in the late 1880’s Winifred and her older sister Mary J. Gibbons immigrate to Clinton, Massachusetts (MA), USA.  Because of their common names and lack of information on passenger lists from that time period it has been difficult to verify them on passenger lists.  By 1890 they are both documented as living in Clinton, MA.  On 29 April 1890 Patrick O’Niel, age 21, weaver, born in Ireland, parents Henry and Mary marries Winifred Gibbons, age 22, no occupation listed, born in Ireland, parents Austin and Kate.  Mary J. Gibbons is a witness to the marriage.  They are married in St. John Catholic Church, Clinton, MA by Rev. D.B. Kennedy.  On 21 Jan 1891 Mary J. Gibbons serves as one of the sponsors at the baptism of Patrick and Winifred O’Neil’s first child William O’Neil, who was baptized at St. John’s Catholic Church, Clinton, MA.  

Patrick James and Winifred (Gibbons) O’Neil live in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and eventually settle in the Norwich, Connecticut, USA area.  The couple have 10 children with 7 living into adult hood.  Patrick works his way up as a textile worker from a laborer, to weaver, and eventually to a loom fixer one of the most skilled jobs in the mill.  Winifred dies 23 Aug 1918 in Norwich, CT and Patrick dies 11 May 1933 living with their daughter Laura in New London, CT.  They were hard working, loving parents who valued education.  Their children were all successful, businessmen, businesses owner, nurses, and active community members.

Patrick and Winifred O’Neil and a number of their children are buried at St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery, Norwich, CT. Find-A-Grave memorial ID 185449424:'neil

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Date of Birth 14th Feb 1865 VIEW SOURCE
Date of Death 23rd Aug 1918 VIEW SOURCE

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