Aghadown (Cork)

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First Ordnance Survey Map c. 1830
First Ordnance Survey Map c. 1830

Aghadown House at Aughadown was a seat of the Banfield family in 1783 [Taylor & Skinner]. In 1786, it was the seat of Benjamin Bonsfield aka Banfield [Wilson]. 

In 1825, Aghadown-house, was the residence of Henry Becher, Esq. (His son and heir, John Richards Hedges Becher, was born here in December 1825). 

In 1837, Lewis noted Aghadown as the seat of "H. Becher". Henry Becher Esq. died sometime before 1850. 

In 1848, during the height of the Great Famine, Aghadown House was unoccupied when this building (owned by William Jago) was rated at £8 [Griffith's Valuation].

By the early 1940s only "one ivy-covered gable and the gazebo" remained of the mansion [Irish Tourist Association].

The steward's house here is still extant. 



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