St Thomas (Dublin)

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Aldborough House, Dublin,-6.2465286,126a,35y,227h,45t/data=!3m1!1e3
Aldborough House, Dublin,-6.2465286,126a,35y,227h,45t/data=!3m1!1e3

The house was built by Lord Aldborough between 1793-9 though he died shortly after it was completed. The building was designed by Richard Johnson and is one of Dublin's 'great eighteenth-century mansions'. 

During its lifetime, the building has been used as a private residence,  a school, a bank, a barracks and a post office depot. If ever a building could talk...Today, it is unused and is sadly in decline. In 2013 it suffered fire damage in an arson attack and in 2016,  An Taisce, the Irish State's National Trust, listed its condition as "critical".

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  • I lived since a baby in 18 Portland Row, one block up from this magnificent building.  I don't believe the Irish Trust ever visited this building to know what condition it was in.  People in the area wanted it to be preserved, do tours of the building, etc, etc.  It was left in abandonment and the govt sold it to a Developer. Needless to say that they did care what happened to it just like the Viking site on Wood Quay, Apartments were built over it.  And so many others went to the same fate.  Aldborough House was famous for everyone on the north side of Dublin. Decades people asking something to be done to get it restored. But no,  it was sold to a developer to build offices, yet more row-of concrete-row of glass as if there isn't enough.   When will the powers that be look after our historical buildings and mansions?  There was am inner-city folklore museum that couldn't get funding, Aldborough House would have been perfect for that project, or any other historical project.  When one sees the beautiful historical architecture, so well maintained in countries all over the globe, they put Ireland to shame.  No government.  For shame!


    Monday 29th June 2020 08:49PM

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