Ardcarn (Roscommon)

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Ardcarne (Church of Ireland)
Ardcarne (Church of Ireland)

There has been a church on the site where the current Ardcarne Church of Ireland stands since the 6th century (approx. 500 AD). It is thought the Church of Ireland took possession of the grounds and whatever building was present at the time, in the early 1600s. The current building was likely originally built in the mid-1700s, enlarged around 1800, and repaired after a fire on the 8th of March 1858. The Irish painter and stained-glass artist Evie Hone created one of the stained-glass windows found in the church in 1935 - the first major commission of her career.

Evie Hone

The church is surrounded by a stone-walled graveyard, the earliest grave being from 1866. The grounds have been carefully restored and maintained by a local cemetery committee.

A moving Famine memorial by sculptor Jackie McKenna commemorating victims of the famine, particularly those from the parish, was erected, the unveiling taking place on the 20th of July 1997. Its inscription: 

This sculpture was erected in memory of victims of famine. We remember in particular the people of Ardcarne Parish who perished during the Great Famine. In the first 50 days of 1847 alone one hundred and ten victims were buried in this cemetery. 

Below the plaque with the inscription is a quote from Irish poet Seamus Heaney:
Heads bow, trunks bend, hands fumble towards the black Mother.

Famine Memorial, Seamus Heaney, An Gorta Mor, Ardcarne

The church is still used to this day, with monthly services taking place.

For those researching their family roots at Ardarne Church of Ireland in County Roscommon, records exist (Baptisms 1830-1963, Marriages 1813-1855, Burials 1830-1987) and are available at the Representative Church Body Library in Dublin, with some coverage at 

Ardcarne, County Roscommon


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