Killukin Boyle (Roscommon) County Roscommon

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Ballyculleen aka Bollincullen (lit. town of the little wood) is located in the half-parish of Drumlion near Danesfort, Carrick-on-Shannon. For centuries, the lands south of the river Boyle belonged to the McDermotts of Moylurg


During the early 17th century this townland is recorded as  Ballenecullin (Down Survey 1650) and Ballinkillen (Petty's Map 1670) in the parish of "Killewkin".

In 1641, it was owned by William Mulloy (a Catholic). See Hughestown

Confiscated from the O'Mulloy Chiefs by the Cromwell administration, it was awarded to Sir George St George, of Carrickdrumrusk (Carrick-on-Shannon) for services to the Crown albeit he was a Catholic. In the 1659 Census, the total population of this townland was 16 (all English). By 1670 it was the property of his son, Sir Oliver St George (d.1695) 1st Baronet of Carrickdrumrusk


The 1749 Census recorded Ballyculleen as Ballinkileen. Family names recorded here at that time were:

Thomas M Conry (RC) Carman (driver of a horse & car)

LM Conry (RC) Farmer  (Luke Conry was recorded on the Flax Growers list of 1796)

CE Higgins (RC) Farmer

Cormack M Irons (RC) Farmer

O M Irons (RC) Farmer

EM  Paden (RC) Farmer  (Edmond Paden was recorded on the Flax Growers list of 1796)

BE Paden (RC) Carman

MF Power (RC) Farmer

James M Walker (RC) Farmer

On 11 December 1789, a decree of His Majesty's Court of Exchequer,  ordered the sale of the property of defendant Charles Manners St. George, a minor (age 3 yrs) in Co. Roscommon and Co. Leitrim, to include this townland (and the Manor of Carrickdrumarusk). It was likely purchased by John Keogh Esq. of Mount Jerome because by 1857 the owner was his heir Thomas Keogh (who advertised it for sale in the Roscommon-Leitrim Gazette on 8/11/1879).


In the early 1800s, Bollincullen had become a congested townland with no houses of value over £5. 

In 1812, Thomas Golrick aka Goldrick & Brigid McDermott baptized a child here (inviting Luke Golrick & Mary McDermott to godparent). Luke and Michael Goldrick also lived here. 

In the 1835 Tithe Applotment Records "Bollincullen" covered a much larger area of 412 Irish acres. The primary leaseholder Wynn Peyton Esq. retained 59 Irish acres here with Thomas Roycroft Esq. of Danesfort as his agent.  The quality of the land here spread in a range of 1st to 5th grade.

The following small-holding tenants recorded as liable for tax here in 1835 were:

Pat Barry

Thomas Butler (was recorded on the Flax Growers list of 1796)

James Conlan (in-law of Lynch, Molloy, McGreevy)

John Conlan & Luke Conlan

& Pat Cooney

Charles Dolan

James Dolan 1st

James Dolan 2nd

John Dolan 11a

James Dowde of Ballindrihid (was recorded on the Flax Growers list of 1796)

James Dowde [GV13] Farrell Dowde  & Thomas Dowde (Sarah Dowde married McKeon)

Michael Keon aka McKeon  (wife Sarah  [GV9a]

John Farrell

Darby Filand aka Jeremiah Fyland  (Healy in-law)

Dennis Gannon

Gilbert  Gannon

Michael Gannon

Michael Glancy (in-law of Lavin)

Thomas Glancy 12a

Frank Glancy } 15/5

Pat Glancy

Luke Golrick  47a [GV]1a & Michael Golrick  aka Golden [GV4a,5]

James Grattin aka Grehan aka Graharn (GV7c) (was recorded on the Flax Growers list of 1796)

Mark & Margaret Hanly  [GV3a]

Widow Healy & Dennis Healy  [GV6a]

John Healy Sr and Thomas Healy {GV8c} in-laws of Fyland

Luke Hedian

Martin Higgins (in-law of Stapleton)

Brian Lavin, Pat Lavin, Thady Lavin & Thady Lavin Jr &

Thomas Lavin (in-law of Glancy)  

Widow Lynch & Thady Lynch (in-law of Conlon, Molloy, McGreevy)

Pat McGreevy & Dominic McGreevy  (in-law of Conlon, Lynch, Molloy)

Michael Molloy (in-law of Conlon, Lynch, Molloy, McGreevy)

Charles Mulvey  13a

James Owens

Pat Padden

Peter Shannon 12a (GV7b)

Ca Shannon  [GV7a]

James Stapleton (in-law of Higgins)

Pat Verdon

By 1839 the spelling of this townland was standardized as Ballyculleen. 


During the Great Famine, Ballyculleen was badly hit and lost nearly half of its population of 159 (1841). By the close of the famine in 1851, only 95 residents remained and emigration saw the population reduce to 86 by 1861.

Of its 26 homes, 9 were now vacant. The following families no longer appear on record here:  Barry, Butler, Conlan, Cooney, Dolan, Farrell, Gannon, Glancy, Hedian, Lavin, Lunch, Magreevy, Molloy, Mulvey, Owens, Padden, Stapleton, Verdon. 



In 1857, at the time of Griffiths Valuation, some new names had come into Ballyculleen

+ Owen Byrne (GV5a)

+ Peter Grey [GV11a]

+ Martin Cryan [GV12a]

By then, some of those recorded in 1835 had oassed on:

John Haley Jr inherited {GV8b} from John Sr

Pat Healy inherited  [GV2a] from John Healy Sr 

Mary Dowd of  [GV10a] was widowed by then. 

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  • My family came from Ballyculleen. Gannon family. My 3 x GGF Denis had a plot with his brother Gilbert. Denis we believe died around time of famine or before emigrated, possibly Dublin or Liverpool. Mary and her children made it to USA and ended up in California, her son John was Mayor. My 2 x GGF Thomas had joined EIC and sailed to India and remained there. He was the only one to not go to USA. Gilbert's family went to USA. Mary was formerly a Stapleton. I would like to know if anyone has any information as to who Mary's Stapleton family were, or her mother's maiden name and who Denis's parents were. Also, I believe related to Dolan and Hanly family possibly Verdon but not sure where. Thanks.


    Friday 9th December 2022 06:34PM

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